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Hangovers, and Carlos Beltran
January 9, 2005, 10:36 pm
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Last night I went out with a few friends to see one of their ex-boyfriend’s play a solo gig at the Sidewalk Cafe in the East Village. I was expecting a very laid back night. Well, during the show (this guy was really great by the way – wrote all his own songs and his voice sounded surprisingly like Ryan Adams but less cheesy) the guy starts singing happy birthday to his girlfriend, who in her drunken stuppor stands up, hands flailing over her head and screams “It’s my birthday”. She couldn’t have been more than 22, she was a stick, and I only saw her for ten seconds and I thought she was annoying. Perhaps this is friend loyalty talking but the girl looked like your typical trophy girlfriend. So my friend turns to us and says, “Well, that’s it, I need to go get drunk and make out with a stranger”.

Now normally I am all about bar hopping and drunken debauchery, but last night I couldn’t really get into it. We went to like three different bars and yeah I got pretty drunk, I guess what I couldn’t get into this time was the guy hunting. I don’t want to do the stupid, one night hook-ups with guys that are never going to call. And let’s be honest, at the bars around here that’s basically all you’re going to meet.

Gotta figure out what to do about that …

One the way HOME from the bars last night, the cabbie had the FAN on the radio and the headlines announced that Carlos Beltran had missed the signing deadline with the Houston Astros. I was so shocked I actually scared the cabbie (maybe that’s because I had been semicatatonic moments before?). I was sure he was going to resign there. Despite all the Mets rumors, and Boras talking about 4 – 5 teams being interested in him, I really did think it was all just a ploy to drive up the Astros offer. I now fully expect Beltran to go to the Mets. There are some people over at were tossing around the idea of the Sox being interested, but I don’t put a lot behind that. That would mean moving Manny, and while Theo has clearly been trying to unload him for a while, if they’re looking for payroll flexibility Beltran’s mamoth contract isn’t really going to do that. So we’ll see I guess. If the Mets get him OM really is serious about turning this team into a contender. Because with the addition of Perdro they really upgraded their rotation, and if they add Beltran they really could give the NL East an injection of some actual excitement. Then again, Bobby Cox still always seems to find away to pull the division title out of his ass regardless of who’s on his team :).

How long until pitchers and catchers again?


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