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April 4, 2005, 11:07 pm
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If you’re going to continue to read this blog, I am going to give you a warning right now: the Boston Red Sox are going to play a major role in what is written here. And if you’re a baseball fan, I’ll give you this warning: much of the time I will be talking out of my ass.

I am not a stats geek. I’ve never been a math person and while I get the basics of things like OBP, OPS, and the like, I tend to go with my gut. What this leads to is a lot of blind faith. I’ll fall back on stats when it bolsters my argument, but basically this is going to be a place for me to talk about the way I watch the game. What I think of what’s going on, and if I’m wrong I’m wrong, but whatever, no on reads this anyway (hi jack!! 🙂 )

So here are my thoughts on last night’s opening game. First of all, I LOVE the lack of panic that is going on in Red Sox Nation right now. Had it been last year there would have been bridge jumpers everywhere. Blow the team up. We lost to the Yankees on Opening Day. We’re doomed.

There is none of that this year. Well, there’s been some heavy criticism of Well’s performance (which I’ll admit was not stellar) but after winning the World Series, suddenly RSN really DOES believe anything is possible. Because we’ve seen it. It’s happened. So who’s to say it can’t happen again?

But I was a bit concerned by a few of the things I saw last night. The one thing that had worried me was our pitching. With Schilling and Miller on the DL we’re stretched a bit thin. I wasn’t expecting a win last night because we were sending a guy who shouldn’t be more than a number three starter up against one of the best (if not THE best) pitcher in the game. What I did expect, especially from our new shortstop Renteria, was solid defense. Our bats weren’t going to light up Johnson, we all knew that, but a bit of solid D behind Wells would have been nice. We escaped with only 1 error in the game (if I am remembering correctly) but I think it should have been more. Renteria’s bobble of a grounder to his left, his overthrow of first, Johnny’s bobble in the outfield … it didn’t inspire confidence.

The team will come together. That much I know. I have as much faith in this team as I have for the last couple decades. Hey, we lost our season opener last year and that turned out ok now didn’t it?

But then again, what kind of Sox fan would I be if I wasn’t a LITTLE nervous :).


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Ok, first off I’m not the only person who reads your blog!!

Secondly, I agree with the baseball stuff. Wells did not look good and I was hoping to see more from Rent. But’s it’s only one game and I am completely not stressing about it.

Of course if we end up getting swept this week it might be a different story…

Comment by BlackJack

Even if we get swept – it’s still only April. The starters need time to gel playing with each other and against other starters (I firmly believe ST is only good for brushing away some of the offseason cobwebs, not meant to get you into pennant race shape). We have a solid team, and with #38 and Miller, solid pitching. The Matt Clement Era begins today.

p.s. nice to know I’m not alone in NYC as a Sox fan !!!


Comment by Anonymous

For the Record Jack isn’t the ONLY one who reads your blog….I read it too!!

It’s very interesting and since I rarely get into chat anymore it keeps me up to date on the Soap Opera Known as Finy’s Life!

🙂 Tash!

Comment by Tash

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Comment by Anonymous

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