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Have a Halls
April 27, 2005, 4:34 pm
Filed under: misc., NYC

I was scaring people away from me on the subway this morning. Literally.

While I am not sniffling, sneezing, I-have-the-flu type sick, I have some how come down with a hacking cough that just refuses to go away. I blame this completely on MM who has sounded this way for a week or so. Clearly I caught it from her. Really I am just looking for someone to blame.

This morning on the R train my cough medicine had yet to kick in, and I had left my cough drops at the office. Trying to hold the coughing in was KILLING my chest and abs, but every time I coughed someone would get up and walk away. I felt like a leper. My eyes were tearing, my face was turning bright red. I was NOT a pretty sight.

I had been wearing my headphones so I wouldn’t realize exactly how loud I was being in the relatively quiet rush hour train, when suddenly in front of me appears an open palm offering me a Halls. I may have been embarrassed, but that little old lady made me smile this morning.

New Yorkers simply aren’t as cold as our reputation implies.


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