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Sox and Socks
May 2, 2005, 6:05 pm
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My laundromat has recently changed the orientation of it’s folding tables. Now, instead of being next to each other, they face each other in sets of two. What this led to this weekend was that as I was standing there, folding my underwear and thinking of how glad I was that the Sox had finally brought up Kevin Youkilis, I caught the young man across from me staring at my piles of clothing.

Now, for a moment I felt a bit weird, I mean, I was holding something in my hand that some guys I DATE don’t end up seeing. But then I started thinking, what was this guy surmising about me, simply by looking at my stacks of clothing?

The fact that I am a Sox fan must have been immediately evident. Between the “I Love NY But I Hate The Yankees” T-shirt, my St. Patrick’s Day Sox shirt, and the Sox hat adorning my head the guy wouldn’t have to be a genius. It also must have been clear that I was at one point a former jock (though I think by the looks of me it was also clear that I am no longer). The various mesh shorts and sweatshirts with different softball team names on them probably gave that one away. All the dress shirts, pants and skirts indicated I am a working girl and the 6 pairs of jeans probably said “But she doesn’t stay dressed up for long”.

But all in all, most of my clothing is a bit dull. I was starting to think about a shopping trip when I realized the most interesting part of my wardrobe is my underwear and my socks all of which are vibrant colors, a wide range of styles, and inherently interesting, as opposed to my outerwear which is usually solid neutral colors with very little variation. Perhaps I have been working on Psychology textbooks for too long when I start to wonder what this says about me as a person. Do I keep things hidden away? Do I save the best of myself for only the people who really know me?

Or perhaps I just had WAY too much time on my hands as I was folding what amounted to a month’s worth of laundry.

Yeah, that was probably it.


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To extend the metaphor just a bit; do you show glimpses of your inner self to random strangers whom you will never see again? It is safer that way. Although sometimes a pair of socks is just a pair of socks.

Comment by BlackJack

Cool blog.

If’n you like Youk, you probably know already that his brother is Edward Youkalis of Edward’s Restaurant in TriBeCa. I’m told it’s a good place for sightings when the Sox play in NY.

But I hate TriBeCa so I don’t know from firsthand knowledge.

Comment by Jack Roy

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