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That ALMOST Made It Better
May 3, 2005, 10:15 pm
Filed under: dating

Yeah I’m been sulking. And mopey. And fine, so one day out of the year I am not my happy go lucky, chipper self.

But as I am standing outside my building, venting to my mother about the day, and why even though I am over the ex I am still sad, I look up, and catch the eye of none other than Josh Duhamel:

He held my gaze for a second, smiled and continued walking down the street. Now, I am ashamed to admit, I have seen the movie Win a Date With Tad Hamilton, and that was probably how I recognized him, but whatever. He’s hot, he smiled at me, that ALMOST made the day ok.

And then I came back to work. Things here have gone nuts, NUTS in the last two hours.

So now I am back to being where I was. Upset. But now instead of sad, it’s a good healthy mixture of sad/angry/pissed off/tired. Glad the Welshman and I are going to see Lifehouse tonight with our friend Z. I need a drink or ten.

Look for either a very drunken post tonight, or a very hungover one tomorrow, when I promise, I will go back to writing about the Sox and the meaningless drivel that is my life as opposed to the sappy sh*t I’ve been writing about today.


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LOL. I used “Drivel” yesterday too. =)

Comment by Macca

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