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Talk About Painful
May 4, 2005, 4:42 am
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Ok, I am wasted, I’ll admit it. But let’s talk about painful for a minute.

I get to Webster Hall tonight and it turns out that Lifehouse isn’t going on for ajnother hour and a half. So Z, the Welshamn and I go to a bar. he proceeds to gush about the new girl who is not me. I want to kill him. A guy comes up to me in the bar, I am so pissed off I guve him shit for an hour, he still asks for my number. I give it to him them leave to go to the show

He texts me five minutes later with:

Him: HI 🙂

Me: Hi I don’t know this number.

Him: It’s Cesar (yeah his name was Ceasar, why can I not attract people with normal names?)

Me: The show just started and FYI – it was WAY too early to start texting me I just left you like 5 minutes ago.

Him: Damnit I always do that.

Yeah, bye ass. THEN, Lifehouse’s amps went out (this happens a lot at Webster, the place is falling apart) and as the Welshman and I go outside to have a ciggie there’s E, older brother of my friend from home, with a GIRL. Something I have not seen him with since, well, ever. So we go back inside once the band starts again and like 5 songs in they play this really sappy song. E has his arms around said girl, the Welshman is standing behind me, probably dreaming about C the new girl, and all I can think is, the ex left me two years ago today and I am now going to be alone for the rest of my life,. E can find a girlfriend and I can’t fin a date. i am done for.

So I excuse myself and cry for a few minutes. Z comes over and hugs me. Then the welshman comes over (the LAST thing I want to happen) hugs me and says “We all love you” this makes me cry harder. Eventually I get control of myself and join the crowd again.

Lifehouse was great. They really were. This was just a rough night. And now I am home and MM is waiting for her boyfriend to come over and I basically want to die. Please, someone make this anniversary be over.

Did I mention that through all this I have been drinking and am now drunk? My tyoing is porbbly enough to tell that but whatever. No one reads this shit anyway.


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Oh sweetie. I wish I could make it all better. You are going to find someone and you are going to be crazy for them and they are going to be crazy for you. It’s gonna happen. I know it.

Comment by BlackJack

Sorry to hear all this, FiNY, but we’ve all been there. Besides, you’re too much fun and too easy on the eyes for things not to get better!

Comment by RSN Diaspora

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