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Thank God for 212 …
May 5, 2005, 10:31 pm
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The Boston 212 Cafe that is. This great little spot opened up on Madison and 28th Street a few months ago. I’ve spent more than my fair share of time there but on days like today it’s just so great to be able to take my lunch break and watch the first few innings of a day game. And since it’s only two blocks from where I work, it means I can spend a full hour there and not be late back to the office.

Saw Renteria get struck by the ball during that bunt attempt. One of those freak things. He had his hands positioned correctly on the bat, he was just trying too hard to get the ball down and tried to hit the ball too low on the vertical surface of the bat. Grazed his index finger. Hope it’s nothing major.

Feel a bit bad for Arroyo. Took a no-hitter into the seventh before givng up a homer to Guillen. That man is seriously underrated. I know it’s the Detroit lineup, but 8 innings, 3 hits? He’s got some good stuff. And thank God with all the injuries we’ve got right now.


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Arroyo was pitching out of his mind today. I didn’t get to see the game (lucky you), but listened to it on XM (which means I have to hear the home team annoucers during the game) because my building is somehow super-shielded against AM. Damn you stupid walls! [shakes fist at wall]

Comment by Macca

1. Detroit.
2. I told you he was still in LA.

Comment by BlackJack

1. damnit.
2. I refuse to admit you were right.

Comment by FINY

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