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Only in Rhode Island
May 6, 2005, 3:22 am
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So I was reading the NY Post on the subway on the way home tonight (I know I know, but I buy it every morning to do the crossword – hey it’s easier than the one in the Times!) and I was reading this article on the Munson Diner. While reading the article and it’s relocation to the New York suburbs, I noted this sentence:

“We knew we didn’t want to demolish it because it was a very important part of New York,” said Tony Chianese, the general manager of the Volvo showroom,
who added that the American Diner Museum in Rhode Island helped get him together with Liberty officials.

Huh? So I checked it out, and there is, indeed, an American Diner Museum in Rhode Island! Here’s an excerpt from it’s mission statement:

The ADM considers it a crucial part of its mission to save the vintage diners that are in danger of extinction from, among other things, redevelopment of property to franchise stores and strip malls.


Visitors to the Museum will be able learn the history of the diner through interactive video and exhibits commemorating the numerous diner manufacturers. The Museum’s reference library will provide access to manufacturers’ literature and records, a registry of diners and a collection of photographs and artifacts.

Seriously, only in my home state …


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Hey, if coffee milk, why not that, too?

Comment by Jack Roy

Hahaha. Good point. Between the coffee milk, the bubbla’s, the cabinets, etc, maybe RI is the perfect place for something as random as a Diner Museum 🙂

Comment by FINY

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