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Even On The Worst Day
May 27, 2005, 2:54 am
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Tonight should have found em coming home, venting, screaming about the Sox. About Miller giving up so many runs. About the Sox not being able to GET any runs. And yet somehow, today, even after the worst of worst days in the office, followed by a terrible game in Toronto, the Sox still managed to make me smile. Sort of.

I entered Boston 212 tonight in the worst of moods. Dave was leaving as I entered and gave me a big hug. The Rocker had a huge smile on, told me my haircut looked nice. The Welshman gave me a hug as well. I was still pissed.

After a first inning worth crap, and a napkin that had been torn to bits, I smoked a cigarette. I came back down, and the Rocker was concerned. He asked if I wanted something to keep my hands occupied. I said yes. He threw me an official MLB ball. Ahh the beauties of working for the Red Sox.

I felt a bit better. Throwing the ball back and forth, playing a bit of ping pong, throwing a few darts. It started to soften. The tense feeling in my chest. It started to go away.

And then Jarid looked at me and asked if my phone was in my bag. It was. Was it on vibrate? It was. I hd just gotten a phone call.

The call was from my friend Ed, and as I went upstairs to listen to his message (212 is in a basement, there is NO cell reception) he called again. He asked me what I was doing Saturday.

Now, as a bit of a backstory, Ed is a friend from We’ve met a number of times now, and he has offered me more tickets than I can even count. And every time, there is SOMETHING. Either I’m going away, or I have plans I can’t break something. This weekend, there is nothing.

So when Ed asked me what I was doing this weekend, I thought, no, he can’t be about to offer me what I think he’s about to offer me. No. Can’t be. But he did. After me joking during the day that if an extra Red Sox v. Yankees ticket dropped in his lap that he damn well better call me, he was offering me an extra Red Sox v. Yankees ticket.

Suddenly, my mood was better. Suddenly I was dancing outside on the street. Suddenly, I wasn’t so mad at the Red Sox for rolling over for the Blue Jays.

Even on the worst day. Even furing a terrible loss. The Red Sox and my new best friend Ed, could make my day.


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I AM SO JEALOUS. Have a great time. =)

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