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Don’t Blame Wake – He Sucks Because of Me
June 2, 2005, 11:21 am
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Don’t look so down on yourself, Wakes, this wasn’t your fault.

The Sox lost last night to the Orioles . 9-3. With the Yankees losing to the lowly Royals, this would have been a nice night to have back. But Wake’s just wasn’t on, and the offense just couldn’t win it for him.

It’s no secret around these parts that Tim Wakefield is absolutely my favorite player. No question. But the problem with loving a 30-something knuckleball pitcher is that sometimes he’s on and sometimes he’s just not. It’s the nature of the knuckleball. It’s either dancing so much that even the catcher is having a hard time seeing it, or it’s just laying there, a meatball in the middle of the plate.

Last night it was clearly the latter. And I blame no one but myself.

Wakes started the year on a tear. His ERA was sick, he was winning games, it was fantastic. Loving Wakes as I do, and needing some starting pitching on my fantasy team, I traded for him. A friend of mine over at RSN warned me that if he tanked because I traded for him that she would clearly have to blame it on me.

So blame away, Piney, I’ll take the heat.


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We should totally do a team blog on girls who love baseball with us writing at least one post a week about some aspect of the game. I bet Roni at would be really really good at covering Chicago sports….

Comment by Amy

I would LOVE to do that.

Comment by FINY

Best regards from NY! »

Comment by Anonymous

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