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Panic and Sleep
June 3, 2005, 2:53 pm
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I’m having a lot of one, and next to none of the other. Who can take a guess at which is which?

I woke up last night at 3:30am in a cold sweat. I was hyperventilating, tears were running down my face, and my mind was absolutely racing.

Random thoughts kept popping into my head and making it worse. Like my bills. Or things that are going wrong at work. Accounts Payable issues. Reviewer issues. Author issues. I kept thinking of things I hadn’t done, hadn’t had the time to do, didn’t want to do. And every time I tried to calm down they’d creep back in, and the panic would start all over again.

At 4:30 I finally gave up. I broke out my laptop, put in a Friends DVD, and attempted to drown out all the thoughts in my head. I worked for about half an hour, when I sort of dozed. I gave up for good at 5:30.

Have I mentioned this has happened the last three nights in a row. So not only am I panicing about most everything at the moment, I am also going on next to NO sleep, which is not exactly helping me get stuff done.


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Oh, FINY. 😦

I hope you get some sleep this weekend.

Comment by Meegan

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Comment by Anonymous

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