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Coming Out of the Closet
June 9, 2005, 3:36 pm
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Welcome to the blog everyone. MM, Mom, nice to have you. You’ll have to excuse me while I go have a heart attack.

I’ve recently started telling my friends and family that this place exists. And it’s scaring the living hell out of me. Why? well, because when I started this thing, I never thought people were actually going to read it. And let’s not joke for a long time, no one did :). But now that some people do, and now that I’ve started to get a bit more excited about the whole thing, I felt there was no way I was going to be able to “hide” it anymore from the rest of the people in my life.

So I started telling people. But I held of on telling two people until recently. Mainly because I was scared to death to have them read it. I don’t edit the stuff here, and I’ve read back millions of times thinking, good LORD did I really just use “you’re” instead of “your”? Or my God, did I really feel that way back then? And I was scared not only of them being critical of it, but of the potential hurt feelings.

Those two people were my mom and Meghann. My mom luckily seemed to like it. MM, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. And quietly die in my cube until I hear from her.

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You’re a brave soul. I loves me my anonymity. 😉

BTW, got your Simply Sleep pills. gonna take em for a week and see if they help. Thanks for the suggestion!

Comment by Macca

well, we can only hope that Meghann and Mom will regale us with embarassing stories of you growing up.

or, just embarassing stories in general.

yeah. you’re re-thinking that closet now, huh.

Comment by mikey

Oh I’ve been rethinking it since I opened my dumb, drunk, mouth.

Comment by FINY

I want to read some of this site, but… is it okay for me to read the site of a Sox fan? Especially after your team pummelled my Yankees into the ground like that? Hmm…

I’m gonna need a few hours to think about this. I’ll be back.

Comment by Maine

Your MOM is reading this? Um…can you delete my past comments please? I’m scared.

Comment by The Yankee

FINY, you haven’t lived until your Mom posts on your site. Seriously. Nothing to boost reader credibility like a well placed (in my case), “I love you, Timmy, great job on the blog!”

This is a great site though. Keep up the great work.

Comment by BS Memorial

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