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Ahhh … The American Justice System
June 13, 2005, 9:25 pm
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I haven’t been following the Michael Jackson case closely at all, I’ll admit. But when the definition of molestation “touching that brings sexual gratification to either party” (as was stated by a radio commentator this morning so I don’t know how accurate that is) how can this man be found not guilty?! He wasn’t even charged with a misdemeanor for giving alcohol to minors!!!

So pissed right now. That sick, sick bastard.


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But how do you know if he’s guilty? I haven’t been following it closely either, so I don’t know the details. But the jury heard the evidence and made their decision based on it.

Comment by Meegan

Yeah, I don’t know that he’s guilty. The more and more I talked to people who actually FOLLOWED the trial, the more I found that most people agreed that the prosecutors really didn’t prove their case. This was more of a emotional reaction because I think it’s ridiculously creepy for a grown man to hang around with little kids so much. I know I wouldn’t trust him with my (ficticious) children that’s for sure!

Comment by FINY

no shit! i feel like those mothers and fathers knew what wold happen and actually tried to “sell” their kids. i did follow part of it, and the mother f the main victim was ludicrous.

Comment by lizy

quite honestly, I think the guy is a pedophile. that said, I don’t think that there was enough evidence beyond a reasonable doubt to find him guilty.

really, though, why isn’t anyone mad at the parents? think about it – would you leave your kid alone with a man who’s been previously accused of molestation? i’m thinking “no!”

Comment by mikey

Oh my God mikey’s still alive!! Good to have you back, dude.

Comment by FINY

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Comment by Anonymous

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