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An Email From My Mom
June 14, 2005, 7:24 pm
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In response to a few comments that were left after I mentioned that my mother now reads my blog, I received this email from her:

From: Finy’s Mom
Dear FINY,
Rest assured your Mom will NEVER post a comment and/or embarassing story on your blog. That’s your space – if anything maybe she’ll start her own blog! How do you like the name “Stories from Finy’s Mom” as a blog name?
Love you,

I cracked up. Not just because she sent the email, but because she actually sent it specifically to my blog email address and didn’t use either of our real names. Stuff like this only highlights how damn cool my mom actually is.

Love you Mom!


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I want her to start that blog!!

Comment by Meegan

MEEGAN! Don’t encourage her!! Oh lord, I am now shuddering at the types of stories she could tell. Lol.

Comment by FINY

ok. we need to get at least one embarrassing story. like, of you peeing in your pants at your first piano recital or something. nothing major.

but we want something. heh.

Comment by mikey

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