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Baseball in the Bronx
June 17, 2005, 12:34 pm
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So yesterday was a Red Sox off day, but clearly I could not go an entire day without having some sort of baseball in my life. So what do I do? I take advantage of the $5 ticket night at Yankee Stadium.

Now before people start calling me a traitor, let’s get something straight. Yes, I am obsessed with the Red Sox, but I am still a baseball fan, and it’s almost impossible for me to turn down the chance to see a game live. But clearly there was no way in hell I was going to root for the Yankees. Obviously.

It started pouring right before game time and the five other people I was planning on going with (the Welshman and a bunch of his friends) bailed on the game. They didn’t want to get wet. From the Welshman I could understand this, but his friend L is a huge Yankee fan. I just could not justify missing a game of the team you’re such a fan of just because of a little water. But she didn’t seem to agree, so I took my ticket and headed to the Bronx by myself.

My roommate MG, her boyfriend, and a few of their friends were supposed to be at the game too, so I figured I was ok. However, when I got up there, I couldn’t get in touch with her. So I stood outside the stadium for a bit debating. So I go inside and sit by myself, or do I turn tail after coming ALL the way up to the Bronx and head home?

Clearly the answers was to watch some baseball.

What really cemented it for me was that Johnson was pitching. Now, I hate the Yankees as much as the next Red Sox fan, but I had never seen “The Unit” pitch. And regardless of team affiliation, this man is a future Hall-of-Famer. So with my five dollar ticket in hand, I entered Yankee Stadium and headed to the upper tier.

I had never watched a game on my own before, and I must admit it was an interesting experience. You concentrate a lot more on the intricacies. Which pitches Johnson was throwing, how the Pirates don’t play the shift on Giambi, things that if you’re with friends and chatting, and drinking, that I probably would have missed. And Johnson absolutely dominated. A complete game, 11 strike outs, one run allowed. It was an amazing performance even if I would have rather seen him get shelled.

Eventually MG and her crew did show up, and we had a great time, but it was a great experience watching some of the game on my own. And something I may need to try more often. Well, maybe at Shea next time, you can only go to the enemy’s home so often.


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I’m going to the game tonight to watch the Sox beat up on the Pirates. Can’t wait.

Comment by Macca

I think it’s ok to pay georgie to see the yanks, as long as it’s on deep discount day. I am so reluctant to add to his coffers, sometimes I get mad at myself for watching YES.
I’m sad the pirates couldn’t get anything done in NY. I hate for them to be swept on their road trip (I feel sorry for them – poor guys only have a $38 mil payroll) but I guess that’s what I’m rooting for.

Comment by Rebecca

No kidding! I went to the Yankee stadium last night too. You notice I didn’t say “watch the Yankees play”. I can’t in good conscience call tailgating until the sixth inning and then strolling in exactly watching a baseball game.

Yep, last night I became pretty much everything I ever hated.

But thanks to this post, I’ll try to redeem myself by going to a ballgame alone sometime soon. Sounds like an interesting experience.

Comment by Julia

Yea I would never turn down tickets either free or really cheap in order to watch a game I enjoy just because my team isn’t there or because the team I’m going to go watch is a hated rival.

I’ve never been to any sporting event by myself but must be an interesting experience.

Comment by Darren

I’ve been to 4 games by myself now. Well, ok the World Series doesn’t really count since I sat with my buddy for the first 5 innings. But in any case, I enjoy going to games by myself way more than I ever expected to. It is kinda odd at first, but it’s nice to have no distractions from the game.

Comment by BlackJack

Almost went last night, too. To see my second favorite team (whoever plays the yanks), of course. Glad I didn’t go. Terrible job Pirates.

Also, glad you corrected your mistake at the top of your blog…Like the police chief in Fletch who, as Fletch thought, was following the story about off track betting in the Himalayas, I was watching to see when you’d change it. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. (Unless you blogged about it, but I never saw anything.)

Comment by Jere

lol, damnit! I can’t type or spell for shit (which isn’t really condusive to blogging) and BSMemorial (aka Tim) had to point it out to me.

Actually he called me a CFB at the time that he pointed it out. Damnit, not I need to go find him and kick his ass.

Comment by FINY

You’re so not a CFB. Going out of your way to see a HoFer in the Bronx alone as a Sox fan should prove any doubter.

I used to go to YS ALL the time when I was at Fordham. I’d sit in the bleachers with my 80s Brewers hat on and enjoy it anyway. Mad cheap, fun thing to do. I even went to a game with shitty tickets against TB with Mike after getting called last minute by a friend who was going to leave them at will call on a potentially rain-soaked night. The Yankees won like, 15-2, and I must say, it wasn’t even close to being worth it. We did see some dude with a “NY” tattoo on his calf and had a good laugh at that.

Comment by BS Memorial

Kim, you are true to the game.

The word is Conducive.

Comment by Michael Leggett

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