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Experiment Update
June 20, 2005, 12:34 pm
Filed under: the experiment

No, no “Best Of” yet, but I have decided to expand the experiment a bit. After talking to some friends over the weekend, a few fun ideas came about. One being that perhaps this would make a good Village Voice article, another being that it would be interesting to see if people in other cities are as desperate as they are here in NYC. I’ll begin posting the ad in cities across the country sometime today. If anyone has any suggestions on cities/neighborhoods, feel free to post them!

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They deleted the post from Craigslist. I didn’t even get to read it. Bastards!!! (Good job though on the idea)

Comment by Edmund Dantes

They diddn’t delete it, I did actually. I already had 20 responses, and I was starting to feel a bit guilty leading people on. so I am only going to leave the ads up for three days in each city and see which one gets the most responses. I’ll go back and edit the last post to include the text from the ad.

Comment by FINY

Interesting Blog…I did stumble across it my accident….but will keep up to date with it! Mark (in England, that tiny place across the Atlantic!)

Comment by Mark

Go for big cities and rural college towns.

Comment by The Yankee

I am dying to see those responses, Finy.

Comment by Rebecca


I think you rlittle experiment is hilarious. I would love to see you do this with a population that is small?? Like Tuscalusa Alabama or something like that??

Comment by Ari

I would just like to see any results. Stop teasing us. Give us the results slacker!!!!!

Comment by Edmund Dantes

I know I know I’ve been slacking. But I’ve been BUSY!

Tonight. I promise, there will be an update. With full “Best of” from NYC and Boston.

Comment by FINY

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Comment by Anonymous

Excellent, love it! »

Comment by Anonymous

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