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Jeans and a Tank Top
June 25, 2005, 2:33 am
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That’s all I am in right now. Jeans, a white Gap tank top from three years ago, and a large Target “One-Spot” plastic flower on my hip. All I was going to do was play some beer pong with friends. And this was what was clean.

I walk in and immediately one of R’s friends says “I know you, you were wearing a green shirt last time with something funny on it.”

Dude, a) that was like a month and a half ago, b) it was Big Bird thankyouverymuch. Hell yeah, Sesame Street!

“Yeah, you made out with J”

Fuck. Yes, yes the last time I was here I made out with the man-whore of your Podiatry school. Yeah, yeah that was me. Damnit. Great I LOVE that that’s how I’m known. Awesome.

Over the course of the night, James and I become beer pong partners and destroy everyone in our path (seriously, why do my friends even try to play me anymore?!) And then he starts in.

“Do you have a boyfriend? You’ve got an engagement ring on.”

“No, it’s my grandmother’s and it’s on the wrong hand.”

“so you don’t have a boyfriend.”


“Why not?”

“Fuck if I know! What the hell kind of question is that?!”

I distract him by pointing out that we;re down by a cup. I don’t want to have this conversation. I am never going to date a guy who’s sleeping with a girl who’s sitting in the corner just WAITING for him to approach her. I’m not that kind of girl. I don’t sit around waiting. I play beer pong if I want to. I don’t sit around. I watch sports. I drink beer. If I’m at a party, I’m there to PARTY.

“Why won’t you date me? Is it because I’m Asian? Are you racist?”

I make another shot and then hit him. Hard. After our game we step outside while the other team sets up because it’s so hot. As we do he takes my hand and asks me to dance with him, on the sidewalk, to “No Woman No Cry”.

Under normal circumstances this would be incredibly sweet. Under normal circumstances I would be swept off my feet. But the Asian (as he will now be called) is wasted. And alreaddy sleeping with someone. And I tell him so.

“I would stop sleeping with her for you.”

Oh gee, thanks! This is the second time in as many months that I have heard this line. And it just makes me want to scream “Ok, sure let’s do it, and then a few weeks down the line, what’s to stop you from meeting someone else and dropping my ass like you did theirs?!” I don’t do that. Well. Ok, I don’t do that anymore.

I guess I just don’t get it. I went out tonight looking like ass. Ready for a chill night with my buddies. Why is it when I WANT someone to be interested in me they aren’t, and when i have NO inclination to date someone he is?! Can someone please, PLEASE explain this to me?

And to make matters worse, when he was trying to figure out why I wouldn’t date him (listing stuff like: “I’m Asian, I’m from CA, “etc, etc, etc.) he said the only reason he wouldd be scared to date ME is because I make him feel inferior with my baseball knowledge. If you can’t deal with that then why the hell are you even TRYING to date me?!

I dunno, I am sorry for the mildly drunken rant here. I guess I am just frustrated. I attract the wrong guys. Am I doing something wrong here???

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aw, man! that guy is giving asians from CA a bad name! we’re not all lame like that, i swear!

really, i’m just lame in entirely different ways…

Comment by mikey

Oh Finy, I hear ya. My first ex boyfriend – sweet guy, but we just didn’t click. Wanted different things from life.

Broke up with him, dated a guy on the rebound who was the most possessive man I’ve ever met.

Dropped him like a bad habit, and finally, when I meet someone I really like, and would like to have a future with, he doesn’t feel he can trust women enough to be in a long term relationship.

Makes me want to swear off men forever.


Comment by Miss Browneyedgirlie

Why are you complaining that you’re getting cock thrown at you? Isn’t this a good thing?

Doing something wrong? I’d say doing something right. When chicks throw their shit at guys, we instantaniously assume we’re doing something right. But when chicks get the cock thrown at them, they think they’re doing something wrong.

I don’t get it.

Comment by the yankee

You’re committing the unspeakable crime of being an intelligent girl who knows what she wants. That makes you both a whore and a know it all. If you go after a guy they think you’re a slut, if you flirt half the time they don’t get the hint, and if you’re comfortable being alone then you’re frigid. It’s a good thing I like my boobs so much or else being a girl could suck sometimes.

Comment by aurora

Eh, that guy’s an idiot. I’m sure the alcohol didn’t help either though. It’s way to easy to say soemthign incredibly stupid under the influence!

And you’re not doing anythign wrong, all you can be is yourself. It’s just a run of bad luck.

Comment by Chief Slacker

Kim? You’re doing fine. A jerk is a jerk.
It reminds me of the yutz, who while claiming to be a Mets Fan, told me that I should root for the Yankees, vs the Red Sox. It makes me wonder if he wasn’t dropped from Upper Level Box Seats to Loge Boxes, after 8 too many Brooklyn Lagers, on his head.
Some people are just plain dumb.

Comment by Michael Leggett

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