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The Raw Data (or: Social Experiment Update Number 2)
June 29, 2005, 5:25 pm
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First off, for those of you new to the blog, you may need some back story here, so check out the following:

The Beginning: A Social Experiment
Expanding the Experiment
The First Update
An Email from Craigslist

Now for the “raw data”.

Nine of the men who responded to my ad agreed to answer my questions. Only three of them actually responded to the questions, but I’ve included the emails from the guys who agreed to participate even if they didn’t respond to the survey since I now have it in writing that they agreed to the project (and I’m not using any of their real names). Anyway, I thought you guys might want to see what they had to say. I’ve posted the email correspondence back in the January archives as I didn’t want to bulk up the front page. I’ve only got five of them up there so far as it’s taking a while to format them all, but I’ll update this post every time I get another one up.

After reviewing the craigslist policies further I realized that the reason I got flagged was because two of the ads were running simultaneously in San Francisco and London. I’ve created a new email address (I have about a thousand now!) and think it may be time to get this started again.

I am still planning on trying to turn this into an article of some sort, and I have some comments on the various emails I’ve received, but I’ll post more about that later. For now, enjoy!

NYC Response 1 – The Rower
NYC Response 2 – The Actor
NYC Response 3 – The Alias
NYC Response 4 – The Fellow Jokester
NYC Response 5 – The Swedish Security Officer


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Love it… so cool that you put this all together for your fans.

Comment by Macca

Right on.

Comment by Becki


Just recently started reading your blog via Red Sox Fan In Pinstripe Territory, and I like your style so far.

I also read through this whole “social experiment” that you’re conducting and I find it hilarious and pretty interesting. Great idea. Keep up the good work!



Comment by Anonymous

These are so interesting.

Comment by Meegan

Hi MRhe, thanks for the compliment and welcome!

Comment by FINY

I’ve been lurking on your site since stumbling onto it from Mikey’s site (which I lurk there too…I’m a mad lurker…). Your social experiment is really very interesting and I look forward to seeing all of the follow-up!

Comment by my2doggies

The ‘Actor’ (you should so be calling him the old dude) is very creepy. Please never ever meet him in real life.

Comment by BlackJack

This is one of those great ideas that makes blogging so much more interesting than, say, stock journalism. Also looking forward to your follow-up. Let us know if you publish that article.

Comment by Invisible Lizard

I have been reading all of your posts about the experiment and I firmly believe that you deserve at least two of the following three items in recognition of your work:

1. A Ph.D. (honorary or otherwise)in Sociology or Psychology.

2. A book deal to describe the experiment, its results and its meanings.

3. A Pulitzer prize for investigative blogging.

You do realize of corse, that we will all now expect you to come up with something even better as follow up. No pressure though. 🙂

Comment by Craig

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