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Missing Missy, or, What I Did With My Fourth of July Weekend (Part 1)
July 7, 2005, 9:52 pm
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So this is going to be a new feature around here. Missy, I hope you don’t mind that I’ve used your full name but it just seemed to fit so well!

Miss moved out of our apartment on this past Saturday and I am not going to try to sugar coat it here, I was pretty sad. I was proud (and Missy you should be too) that I did not cry until I was safely back in the apartment, alone, without even Sasha (Missy’s kitty) to comfort me, but never-the-less, it was tough. Missy is off to bigger and better things. She’ll be spending the next year getting her master’s degree. What this means, however, was that she needed to leave Brooklyn, Manhattan, and everything she loved about this city behind in order to do so.

So Miss and I came up with a plan before she left. I was instructed to write painfully detailed accounts of all the “New York-ey” stuff that I was doing so that she could live vicariously. And once I get that digital camera that I’ve not-so-subtly asked for for my birthday, I’ll begin posting various pictures as well. But for now, Missing Missy Part 1, or, What I Did With My Fourth of July Weekend.

Saturday began, as previously explained, with helping Missy move out. After a comforting chat with my mom, I realized I was now late to meet Ry and the Welshman at Grand Central to head out to P.S. 1.

For those of you non-New Yorkers, P.S. 1 is a former public school turned modern art museum in Queens. Apparently for the last three years that I have lived in this city I have been missing out on a major summer happening. Every Saturday during the summer, from 3pm to 9pm P.S. 1 turns from museum to block party. For a mere $8 you can lounge in the sun (or under some gorgeous installation art) for hours on end listening to musical acts from around the world. Or at least that’s what I’d heard.

As I met up with the boys at Grand Central, Ry and I armed with our own liquor, the Welshman not having thought quiet that far ahead and therefore empty handed, I wondered what this was really going to be like. Turns out it’s exactly as it’s billed.

The courtyard of the museum had a huge low laying red, wave-like, sculpture piece running through it, grooved in such a way that it was clearly designed as a place for people to sit, but not so much so that if no one had been on it it would have looked empty. Shade was provided in certain spots by a installation that hovered above, and at points dipped into, the crowd. It’s kind of tough to fully describe, but it involved what most closely resembled silver nylon leaves, and the wave formation they were arranged in gave the impression of movement even though there was none. Surrounding all this, in a very discreet manner, were small spouts that squirted mist every five minutes or so. And this was all just in one corner of the courtyard (albeit a very large corner).

At the other end of the courtyard a stage, complete with DJ and band was erected above a large dance floor. A set of bleachers, which was overflowing with people, served as a viewing area to the festivities. Bars stocked with $6 beers were positioned around the area, and somewhere, though I never found it, was a makeshift beach.

Sitting in the sun, being misted by artwork, drinking my Malibu and Coke (which I had brought in) and playing with the Target pinwheel I had just been handed, I knew I had made the right decision to come. It was relaxing and wonderful. The crowd was incredibly entertaining to watch; ranging from the “see and be seen” crowd (this group probably made up 80% of the people there) to families with small children (ok, ok, so I only saw one or two of these but you get the idea). All in all it was a delightful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

That night, after NG (new girl for those of you keeping track. I am starting to have trouble coming up with aliases for people. NG isn’t really the Welshman’s new girl anymore as they’ve been going out for a few months now, but I can’t think of anything more clever) came up with the idea of throwing an impromptu BBQ, Ry, the Welshman and I headed to K-Mart, bought a grill and the needed supplies, gathered a group on the Welshman’s roofdeck and sat eating and drinking by candle light while overlooking the NYC skyline. It was a nice, chill way to start the weekend.

Even if I did wish Missy was there to share it with.

(There, Ed, happy?! 🙂 ) I’ll continue with this later, but a girl’s got work to do!

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Sounds like a blast, might have to check tha place out!!

Comment by Darren

I, actually remember it, when it lay abandoned in LIC.

Sounds like an artistic party/gonna check it out, myself.

Comment by Michael Leggett

So sad that I can never go to that – it sounds like just the place for me! Why can’t they do stuff like that on SUNDAYS?

Comment by Esther

Much better 😀

I know Missy leaving has been building for awhile now, but nice to see you tough it out with out crying in front of her (since it seemed important to you).

Sounds like that P.S. 1 thing is pretty cool. I might have to check it out sometime.

Comment by Edmund Dantes

Well I’m glad for feeling better and making time…we missed you..=)

Comment by aurora

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