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Phone Calls and Messages
July 12, 2005, 1:21 pm
Filed under: dating

Why is it that whenever you stop watching the phone, when you finally give up that he’s going to call, you suddenly look at your phone and there’s a message blinking?

Last night I called The Firefighter back. He was out and about at a birthday party and asked if he could call back later. I’m not holding my breath that he will, but as BlackJack said on the phone last night, he’s already called once when he said he was going to so I shouldn’t start doubting him quite yet just because The Twin never did call when he returned from the 4th of July.

So after making the call and watching a bit of television, I stowed my phone in my purse and headed to Target with MM to grab her some moving essentials. I mean the Firefighter wouldn’t call back the same night – he was out at a party!

So as MM and I are debating the merits of various storage bins, and what hangars to get her, I look down at my phone and the message marker is on. Since I only get service in parts of the Target store, my phone didn’t tell me who I had missed the call from, though understandably I assumed it was The Firefighter.

*86 “Please enter your password, then press pound.”

“You have 1 new message. To listen to your message please press 1”

“Hey Finy, it’s *the twin*, just wanted to see what you were up to …”

Seriously, do you guys have sonar? Does like a beeping sound in your head go off when it’s possible that another guy is interested in the girl you’ve been talking to but haven’t called in like a week and a half? What’s the deal?


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it’s a gene we have. we can’t help it.

just like the gene that women have that tell them to avoid me at all costs, unless i have a girlfriend, and then they’re all over me.

well, maybe not “all over”…

Comment by mikey

Damnit Mikey, you beat me to it. I was going to point out the same thing. When you aren’t looking for it (ie. are in a relationship) the possibilites just fall in your lap. Once you are single again, you can’t help but wonder what happened to all that ass.

Comment by Macca

The twin called?! I’m starting to wonder about him, though. He’s not very fast on his feet.

Comment by Meegan

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Comment by Anonymous

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