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Hold On To Your Hats
July 14, 2005, 9:04 pm
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Ok, so I didn’t get a chance to post today about the second half starting, but that’s what’s happening tonight, folks. The Red Sox officially begin the second half of the season tonight hosting those damned New York Yankees.

I have a very bad feeling this is going to be a bumpy ride.


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Damn you, stupid sense of impending doom! [shakes fist at sky menacingly]. I have it too… can’t shake it off.
Positive thoughts.
Positive thoughts.
Positive thoughts.
Positive thoughts.
Positive thoughts…

Comment by Macca

The funny thing is I am probably one of the most positive Red Sox fans ever. I’m the one sitting at the bar as everyone is drowning their sorrows when we’re doing by ten in the sixth saying … Hey it’s ok, 4 runs an inning and we’re right back in it!

But that sense of unrest is still there. I blame the damn bullpen 🙂

Comment by FINY

I really felt bad for Schill tonight. He was all amped up. I had goosebumps when he came in and wanted to see him shut out the side. But, I can forgive the outing. It was just too much everything for him. I think everyone who watched the game could relate.

What was up with that boston fan who picked off the homerun ball that Nixon was defintely going to catch??? Jackass should have gotten a beer dumped on his head.

Rant over. 😉 [sips beer]

Comment by Macca

I don’t know, I thought Curt was a good idea but after last night I just don’t know. Ive never seen him pitch that poorly before.

Comment by Darren

Mr Bronson Arroyo, was NOT sharp @ all, last night. In the case of Mr Curt Schilling, it’ll take some time, before he’s 100%, but giving up a homer to Slappy McBluelips, put a massive damper, on the premiere of “Boston 212”, in a place, eerily-reminiscent of “Cheers.”

Comment by Michael Leggett

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