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Interactive Interview
July 14, 2005, 8:04 pm
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Ok guys and gals, I thought this might be fun (and funny knowing most of your senses of humor). For the next couple of days I am going to be interviewing potential roommates. I’ve got a list of questions to ask, but wanted to see if any of you had any questions you’d like to see me ask. They can be as outlandish or as practical as you want. Have at it!

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Do you like to kiss girls?
Do you like beer and nachos?

Seriously though, what questions do you have for the potential roomies now?

Comment by BlackJack

General stuff, you know, crap like, what do you do (so I know she can make the rent) will you mind cats, do you mind having guests over, are you obsessive about cleaning, etc etc etc.

Comment by FINY

“Do you solemnly swear to do your own damn dishes, take your turn at vacuuming, taking out the trash, etc.?

Do you swear not to bring scummy lowlifes into the house who you want to bang, who may walk around in their skivvies for all to see?

Do you swear not to have constant breakdowns about how everyone hates you and that life sucks?

Do you promise to make yourself scarce on the rare occasion I need you gone, without giving me shit about it?”

Comment by Macca

Are you bi?
Would you do me?
Would you invite my friend “The Yankee”?
If not, could he just watch?
What if we took pictures and sent them to him?
Do you like to travel?
Would you travel to NC? Would you pay for both of us?
Do you have a problem with not wearing clothes while we’re there?
Do you own a plaid skirt?
Will you wear it so The Yankee can see it?
Can I take pictures of you in it?
Do you like Egg Roll?
Will you get mad if The Yankee eats all the Mac & Cheese that has shapes like my old roomate?
Are you comfortable with orgies?
What is your stance on whaling in Japan?
Do you like grapes?
How are my boobs? do you like them?
The Yankee says I have a nice butt. What do you think?
Should I wear more thongs?
Can I stick gum in your armpit?
Can we shower together?

Comment by the yankee

1) Do you drink milk? If so, do you plan on buying some or letting me buy it and complaining that I’ve finished it so you don’t have any milk for your coffee or cereal?

2) When the garbage can gets full do you:
a) Take out the trash
b) Tie up the bag, but leave it by the door for days
c) Pull up the sides of the bag to allow more room for trash, never intending to actually take it out

3) When you shower, do you leave puddles on the bathroom floor?

Comment by Esther

Diet soda or regular?
Morning person or night owl?
What size shoes do you wear?
If you pick up ice cream on an impulse buy will you call me to see if I want some?
Buffy or Angel?

Comment by aurora

As you know, I’m going through this, too. For me, I’m so sick of people parading through my apt. My only questions now are a) are you breathing? b) can you pay the rent?

Comment by Meegan

Are you a CFB?
Are you a CFB Yankee fan?
Can you explain the infield fly rule? (This is a requirement if you expect me not to haul off and clock you if you start talking shit about the Sox without the slightest clue as to what you are saying)

Comment by Edmund Dantes

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