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God Save the Sox
July 15, 2005, 1:18 pm
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He couldn’t Help you this time, Curt. But don’t worry, I don’t actually blame you at all. No, I blame Francona for this one one hundred percent.

It’s no secret to those of you who know me that I have never had faith in Terry Francona’s use of the bullpen. He redeemed himself last year during the playoff run, but he has proven all through last years regular season and through this one as well, that he just doesn’t know who to call in when.

Last night was the perfect example. It started when Alan Embree came in to start the 8th facing Posada. Why Francona did this I’ll really never know. So far this year Posada is batting .301 vs. lefties and . 238 vs. righties. So wouldn’t it then make sense to have Timlin start that inning? Never mind the fact that Embree’s been serving up meatballs all season? When are we going to stop using this guy?

And then there was the situation in the ninth. Now, it’s always been my understanding that a closers role is to come in and save the game. With a tie score in the ninth, a completely depleted bullpen because you’ve used most everyone in there in the previous eight innings, and no indication of how long this game is going to go on, why do you bring in Schilling? If Schilling hadn’t given up that homerun there is no way to know how long we would have needed him out there. And Timlin had only pitched ONE inning. Not only that but Schilling isn’t exactly Mo out there. Hell, right now he’s not even a Keith Foulke!

There’s just no part of that game last night that didn’t annoy me, and for that reason you’re getting this overly emotional rant here. Other random notes:

* I think they should start playing the song “Lean Back” before every inning at Fenway. That fan that interfered with Trot’s potentially home-run stealing catch killed me. I know he was probably watching the ball and not Trot, but when you’re sitting front row and a ball is coming right at you? You’ve got to assume that if you can catch it, so can the fielders! Say it with me people: Lean Back.

* What a slap in the face was it for Bellhorn when he was pinch hit for by Olerude? I will stay behind Bellhorn with all my might (even if the stats don’t back me up, I know I know, you don’t have to tell me) but he’s got to be worrying about his job right now.

* Speaking of Olerude, I had faith that he would have at least knocked Trot’s bad throw down. Actually I think most first basemen would have. Note to Millar: you’re not helping your trade value.

It’s going to be a rocky second half of the season folks.

EDIT: Ok I just had the most hellish conversation with a Yankee “fan” here at the office. He comes over, all gloating and whatnot. Gets in a stance, mimics a homerun swing and says “I turned it on for the best part!” Me: “Which homerun are you talking about?” Asshole Yankee Fan: The last one the one in the ninth”.

Dude, stop talking to me right now. I am sorry, you can NOT come over and gloat to me if you didn’t even watch the freaking game. He’s standing there going off on how great Mo, ARod and the like are, and then he turns to me and says, who’s pitching tonight? I answer Wells. He says, no, for us. WHAT? You don’t even know your own freaking team’s starting rotation? I mean it’s fine to be a casual fan, whatever, but don’t start trying to walk around all pompous when you can’t even tell me who your starting pitcher is.

Ugh. Days like today living in this damn town is PURE HELL!


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I was totally confused as to why Schilling was in unless Francona just couldn’t wait to get the guy in the game. Yes, sometimes you do put a closer into a tie ball game when you are the home team in hopes to keep the top 9th scoreless so you can win it in the bottom 9th BUT thats with an everyday experienced closer, not a starting pitcher whos acting as a closer at the current moment. It was totally not Curts fault.

So the question of the day is: Whats worse, Francona’s use of the bullpen or Sveum’s control of the basepath???

Lets hope tonights Yankee pitcher with an era of like a million puts us in a better mood.

Comment by Darren

Clearly you need to start feeding your yankee troll coworkers false information. If they’re not going to bother knowing the first thing about their own team, you might as well start making stuff up.

Comment by BlackJack

I mostly agree with you, except I felt really bad for the poor striped shirt guy, because he obviously was a fan. granted he DID say that Trot would NOT have caught the ball which was clearly NOT true, but still. I’m sure he got heck today. and no one will ever make me love Bellhorn. I fear Bellhorn.

I spent the last inning of the last night’s game cursing. I’ll NEVER go into labor at this rate, I’m too ticked off to relax enough! Think of the children, Francona!!

Comment by suzie

Im trying hard to keep giving belhorn the benefit of the doubt but it is getting a little hard.

Comment by Darren

I still think credit goes to Timlin, not Francona, for the bullpen last year. Tito always looks like he doesn’t know exactly why he’s trotting out there whenever he takes the ball from a pitcher.

Game today sucked, too. Yesterday’s was nicer.

Comment by Jack Roy

Francona Managed The Phillies from ’97 to Y2K. AWFUL! Phils went NOWHERE.

Has anyone noticed that Giambi is BIGGER again?

Comment by Michael Leggett

OK/like most-Post WS Champions, changes are made, in the team. Pedro went south to Shea Stadium, & Lowe, went to LA.

Keith Foulke, had a BAD Knee. He tried to be “Mr Macho”, to the DETRIMENT of the Team. It screwed up the bullpen. Timlin is 39 & dates back to the World Champion Toronto Blue Jays.

WHY is Kevin Millar @ 1st Base? He shows no mobility on 1st base.

When a Bullpen Corps is ineffective, they’re no longer “Firemen”; They’re “Arsonists.”

The Signals sent, aren’t good ones.

Wait! Al Leiter starts for the Yankees, tonight. His pitching was “Arsonist Quality” in The NL; he’s the pick-me-up, the Red Sox could use.

Hoping for a Big Night, Tonight!

Comment by Michael Leggett

just ask your Yankee fan co-worker who the current world champions are…

if he mentions that the Yanks have won more WS titles than anyone else, just ask him again. “I ain’t talking about ancient history… just answer. Who’s the current World Champion?”

what have you done for me lately, bitch…

Comment by mikey

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