Miles From Fenway

July 20, 2005, 3:08 pm
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God, I miss you guys! I haven’t been able to check in that often. I almost lost my job on Monday (a long story I’d rather not retell, but my working life right now is looking none too good) I have exactly ten days to find two roommates, and in general life is just a bit stressfull. I thought I was slacking on the socks before? By the end of the month I probably won’t even recognize the team anymore with the trade deadline looming!

On the plus side, my birthday is a week from today and we’re all getting together Saturday to celebrate. I went on two great dates with The Twin last weekend, and Missy comes to visit this weekend! So here’s to hoping things calm down soon so I can start to enjoy a bit of the summer.


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Yay for your birthday and good dates. Boo to bad work sitch and new roomie search. I’m crossing all of my toes for you.

Comment by aurora

Nice on the twin thing. Very nice.

Not so nice on the job thing. Hopefully it works out well.

And this Saturday? Sumofabitch. I made plans for hanging out with my friend from college I haven’t seen in like a year now.

Comment by Edmund Dantes

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Comment by Anonymous

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