Miles From Fenway

DMB Randalls Island Pics
August 2, 2005, 1:45 pm
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Just thought I’d share. Z just sent me her photos (mine aren’t back yet). The show really was just SO much fun.

Z and I before the show.

Z, Me, and the Welshman’s friend
Actually, looking back, those are the only one’s I am going to share at the moment. More to come when I get my pics back.


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What…no Sox hat??!!

Comment by Darren

dude. not like I “know” you, but I’ve never seen a picture of… your hair. I was looking for a Sox hat, too!

but hey. those are some sweet glasses!

Comment by mikey

Lol. You guys are too funny. A girl’s gotta switch it up occiasionally! And I swear, there are moments in my life where I am not wearing ANY sort of hat!

Comment by FINY

With the hat, the glasses and the curly hair, you look like Aurora’s friend Jocie.

And that’s a compliment. Jocie’s totally cute.

Comment by Becki

You could be her evil baseball loving twin. Nice hippie duds…I approve.

Comment by aurora

The hat’s cool; the shades are even cooler, but, most of all, YOU are The Coolest.

Comment by Michael Leggett

Now I can truly understand the dirt that you spoke about.

“This little piggy went to mar… Wha’s this? Oh no you don’t little piggy. You and your 4 friends are taking a shower before we go to market!”

Comment by Macca

Ok, so I may not be a frequent visitor/commenter, but I had work for quite a while to figure out which one was you, since neither looks all that much like the profile pic.

Comment by Craig

Hahaha. Sorry, I’m the one on the right. I thought by listing the people in order of where they appeared in the pic that would suffice. Oops!

Comment by FINY

I finally figured that out, but I’m kinda slow at times.

Comment by Craig

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