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Missing Missy 2: Or, Reason Number 2843597 I Love NYC
August 4, 2005, 5:25 pm
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Missy, I promised I’d dedicate posts to you when something truly New York went on in my life, so here it is.

When I walked into my cube this morning the light on my phone was flashing. I had just missed a call. Two seconds later my bag begins to vibrate on my shoulder as my cell phone rang.

MM has just seen the original cast of Rent on the Today show and found out that they would be playing two songs in Bryant Park this afternoon. Clearly, we had to go.

Rent debuted ten years ago in NYC and has been going strong ever since. Both MM and I have seen it multiple times and could probably sing the whole thing, curtain to curtain, without pausing for a breath. That said, we had never seen the original cast.

Apparently the reason for the special event was that Rent is now being made into a movie, due out in November. So they teamed up with Broadway Cares and Equity Fights Aids to do a simultaneous fundraiser/promo.

Now I ask you, in what other city could I wander out of my office, hop on a subway, see the original Broadway cast of one of my favorite musicals perform two songs, and still be back to the office in time to have not taken a long lunch hour? And have all of it happen for free? The answer has to be none.

Bryant Park wasn’t quite as full as I expected it to be, though I guess there wasn’t all that much publicity for the event. The cast sang “Seasons of Love” and “Take Me or Leave Me” not two of my favorite songs (they sang “What You Own” on the Today show. If they had done that again I think I would have died with happiness). Still, standing in the middle of Bryant Park, surrounded by lush green trees dwarfed by the skyscrapers behind them, listening to simply amazing music, surrounded by hundreds of fellow musical buffs all I could think was “It’s so damn cool that I live in this city”.

After three years here, I don’t think that feeling is ever going to go away.

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I did that once here in the cities (minus the subway, they’re just starting the commuter rail thing here) When I worked on campus I left work, went tow a lunch time fre concet in the middle of downtown and made it back in just over an hour. We have one of the better arts communities in the nation. It’s not as good as NY, but hey, you got like 100 years on us ;O)

Comment by Chief Slacker

Man I miss Broadway in Bryant Park! My lunch is shorter and I have further to go, so there’s no way I could do it. But we did watch the cast of Rent when we were at Longman…

Comment by Esther

Good point Slacker. I guess the really special thing I was refering to was that it was the original cast. I know lots of cities have free concerts and stuff. Wasn’t trying to put other cities down in any way!

And Esther, we did see the cast of Rent, but it was new cast, which switches constantly. These were the ones who started the whole thing, and who’s voiced I’ve been listening to on CD for a decade (God that’s scary to say!)

Comment by FINY

Aaaaww, Kim, this is such a wonderful little New York nugget, and I’m proud to have it dedicated to me. Can’t tell you how much I miss that city. And you!

Comment by MeliMiss

Hee. I go to the website for the movie and watch the preview alot. I’m a nerd and I’m jealous.

Comment by aurora

True, that is a pretty rare and cool experience though!

Comment by Chief Slacker

Oh, and i gotta tease a Red Sox Fan… guess who’s going to the Twins – Red Sox game tonight? me :O) And to make it better, it’s free! rock on!

Comment by Chief Slacker

Oh now that’s just cruel! Not only do you live within driving distance of your team but you get to see MY team?! :p

It’s fine, we’ll kick your asses. I’ll be sure to raise my glass to you while I watch it from the bar.

Comment by FINY

Slacker, Ok, maybe I shouldn’t have said anything? *Finy hangs her head*

Comment by FINY

Thanks for showing the Twins they actually can play offense ;O)


Comment by Chief Slacker

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Comment by Anonymous

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