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You Decide
August 8, 2005, 6:26 pm
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Ok all, my brain is FRIED and I have about a thousand things I want to write about so how’s about a little poll? I’ll end up writing all of these eventually, but I don’t even know where to start now. The choices are:

1. My thoughts on the Sox series this weekend v. the Twins
2. A Weekend Roundup (might be really long, I left the house at 8am on Friday morning and didn’t return until 3:30am Saturday night/Sunday morning. No this was not planned.
3. Why bookstores are like crack
4. Instead of a full weekend roundup, an entry focused on the Twin

Ok have at it. Ironically, none of you probably even give a crap AND I’ve just broken a ton of Jere’s “rules” 🙂 But eh well.


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2 or 4.

#1 I can guess at from having watched the games myself this weekend.

#3 is pretty self explanatory. This coming from the guy that brought 1984 to the bar so I could have something to do while I waited for people to show up, and it also made for a good companion on the train ride back home.

Comment by Edmund Dantes

i’ll vote for #2.

Comment by mikey

Two seems like a winning combination of 2 and 3…

Comment by aurora

Ok, so two is in the lead. Let’s say I’ll close the “voting” at 4. Good LORD is this going to be long.

Comment by FINY

Well voting seems to have officially closed, but I would love to get a combination of 2 and 4. You know how I love a good story about a boy…

Comment by Esther

I’ll have a #2 with a side of criminal mischief.

Comment by Macca

There’s rulse for blpgin too? Damn! I wanted to hear your thoughts on the game just so I could harass you more. This year hasn’t been so hot for the Twins, so I gotta take advantage when I can!

The other stuff should be good too!

Comment by Chief Slacker

Why bookstores are like Crack?
I love the B & N, in Forest Hills, Queens. Nice way to catch a read on the fly!

Comment by Michael Leggett

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