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A Terrible Realization
August 9, 2005, 10:54 pm
Filed under: dating, family

You know, I was thinking about my epic post from yesterday when I realized something … my DAD reads this thing. Ack! I know my mom reads it, and I have no idea who she’s told about it, but since I tell her everything anyway, not such a big deal. In general I don’t edit these posts for content depending on who might read them. For example, the Twin, a Sox fan, lord knows may stumble here one day. A possibility that would end in my mortal embarassment, but if I didn’t write about him would this really be a chronicle of how I live my life? Nope.

But my Dad reading that last post? Oh crap. I hope Mom warned him. Perhaps I should start a rating system for each of my posts.

*This post has been certified as PF (Parent Friendly)


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I’m not sure how it would go over with me if I had kids and I was reading about their sexual encounters on the net. Yes, we all do it, hell we wouldn’t be here if people hadn’t and I don’t know what your relationship is with your father but I would imagine it would be hard for any father reading about his little girl “cuddling up” with a guy. And I was thinking that when reading it. You’ve said you are pretty open with your mom, and I still hope to get Finy storys from your mom, but I kept thinking about what if her dad reads!!

Comment by Darren

Lol, yeah, Dad has always been of the “I know, but I don’t want to know” mindset. I mean I LIVED with a boyfriend when I first moved to NYC. Though with my little brother it’s totally different. I don’t think Dad reads daily, and I have a feeling that he’d sort of breeze over that post. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping.

Love you Daddy!

Oh and don’t encourage my Mom! She left one comment already, though it was only for my birthday. I fear the day that she decides that starting her own blog isn’t such a bad idea LOL.

Comment by FINY

That is what I do though, I am an instigator…

Comment by Darren

Few things are more frightening that finding out your parents have discovered your blog. <---Voice of Experience

Comment by Craig

I don;t think the post was all that bad, not like you got graphic or anything. I usually just write whatever, I’m not going to be embarassed if anyone reads it. About the only person I wouldn’t want to read it is OCD, because, well, she’s already psycho enough.

Comment by Chief Slacker

I think Dad instinct kicks in, and the instant anything remotely “I don’t want to know” pops up, he finds another website to read.

Comment by Maine

Simple Solution – post a “Daddy Link” at the top of any post that treads on “don’t want to know” territory. Makes that whole “find another webpage” thing much more efficient!

Comment by JMD

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