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The Blind Leading The Blind
August 10, 2005, 6:12 pm
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This afternoon as I was wandering to Chipotle for lunch a saying came to my head. “It’s like the blind leading the blind”. I use this saying pretty often, usually when talking to other single girlfriends about dating (because really, none of us have gotten it right at this point and yet we still insist on conferencing on every minute detail).

The reason it popped into my head this afternoon? While crossing 23rd Street at 6th Avenue, what do I see? Two elderly blind women, arms linked, their other hands each holding those walking-stick-thingies, leading each other across the street.

A HUGE part of me wishes I had had a camera phone. But then again it probably would have been cruel to take a pic of that.


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You never expect those cliches to actually be true. heh.

Comment by Chief Slacker

I’m sure you’ve heard about this alraedy, but it’s nice to have proof Yankee’s fans are idiots. hehe

Comment by Chief Slacker

YEah I saw that. But now only was the fan dumb, so was SiaS:

“”That was the only exciting thing that happened today,” Yankees owner George Steinbrenner said after Chicago’s 2-1 victory.”

Um, so you’re saying that it’s exciting that a fan could have killed themselves at your ballpark?


Comment by FINY

oh, that woulda been a great picture. “The blind literally leading the blind!”

hey, waitaminit. you saw two old blind women crossing a street, and you didn’t help them?!?!?

Comment by mikey

Hey! They were already to my side of the street when I saw them!!!!

Comment by FINY

FINY’s apparently no boy scout.

Comment by Craig

I’d jump too if I were a Yankee fan!!

Comment by Darren

I’m fairly confident that they wouldn’t have objected to you taking a picture of them. Possibly because there’s no way they could have noticed.

Comment by JMD

CK posted a Red sox Q, get over to the trivia thing already!

Comment by Chief Slacker

Oh no, that was for sure picture worthy and I’m with JMD they probably wouldn’t have noticed. Holy shit (sorry Finy’s mom for the language) that’s just TOO funny. It’s not cruel because you wouldn’t be making fun of them, more like they were monumental for making that saying come to life!

Comment by Gimpy

er… I can’t pronounce “chipotle.”

Comment by Ken

Enjoyed a lot! » » »

Comment by Anonymous

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