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Yet another reason I wish I had a digital camera
August 16, 2005, 12:11 pm
Filed under: misc.

Ok, this has got to be quick cause I am on my way to work, but have you ever seen flies have sex?

This morning, as I am sitting on my roofdeck, waiting for my landlord to show up, drinking my coffee and trying to wake up, I hear “bbbbz. bzzz. thud” And there, laying on the table beside me are two flies going at it.

I need a camera phone. Or a digital camera. Something. Because I really wish someone else had seen this with me!


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This has to be the least likely thing I’ve ever read on a blog. Even the flies are horny in NYC!

Comment by JMD

Methinks FINY is projecting. 😀

Comment by Edmund Dantes

We recently saw a wasp and a fly rolling around on the ground together at the train station. Eventually, the fly stopped struggling so much, and the wasp picked it up and carried it away. I assume that that was actually a fight though. Either that or the wasp was very confused about usefullness of inter-species copulation.

Comment by Craig

Oh man, insect sex is so hot. Nothing like the thought of two hot flies going at it. Soon the mommy fly will give birth to a thousand little maggots in a piece of rotting meat. The circle of life is so beautiful. *sniff*

Comment by Macca

you were the proverbial “human on the wall”…

Comment by mikey

I have had 3 flies in my house for what seems to be the last month, driving me CRAZY!! The other night I was sitting at my computer, and there they were 2 of the 3 bastards having fly sex. Well, I’m completely assuming that sex was their activity because one was on top of the other in the ummm, doggy-style position? Is that what you would call it? Either way, I can tell you this is THE BEST time to kill them, because they do not fly away nanoseconds before hit them. They just stay right there.

I’m almost tempted to let another fly in the house on purpose and hope that it’s horny so it’ll mate with the lone fly left annoying me.

Aww, shit. I kinda feel bad now for killing something while it was gettin’ busy. At least they died happy, right?

Comment by Gimpy

Here you go.

Comment by Anonymous

That’s IT! That’s exactly what I saw. Thank you whoever you are!!! As soon as I get to a computer that will let me post pics that is turning into an adendum to the post. woohoo!

Comment by FINY

Buy a Web Cam for the PowerBook/Kensigton is selling them online @ Mega Macs. I’m getting one.

Comment by Michael Leggett

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