Miles From Fenway

It’s Going To Be A Long Day
August 17, 2005, 11:18 am
Filed under: dating

I just said goodbye to The Twin as he headed home to Williamsburg to change before going into work. I am completely exhausted, but so worth it. Think my bosses would be upset if I pulled a George Costanza and set up a bed under my desk?

But hey, the Sox won, I’m fully entrenched in the giddy/giggly portion of the dating ritual, and I’m going to have a smile plastered on my face all day. And all we did was cuddle. Yup, it’s official. I’m smitten.


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Uh oh. You forgot to post the parental warning label on this one. šŸ™‚

Comment by Craig

I think its awesome for you. Just remember keep it in perspective one day at a time!!

Comment by Ari

Oh sure, you won’t come hang out with me, but the Twin is allowed! I’m really kidding – it’s great to hear you this happy.

Comment by Esther

Awwwww…. =)

Comment by Macca

a smile plastered on the face means someone got a little something last night… Yup.. I’m 12!!

Comment by Darren

That is soooo sweet. A new relationship is always fun and exciting…and just awwww…

I remember those days when my hubby and I were just starting to date. People always knew if it was him on the phone by the cheesy grin that would immediately appear on my face. And I have to admit…that still happens from time to time. Married for 10 years! Woo Hoo!

Comment by Itchy


I’m doing a little dance for you right now…

Comment by Becki

I love the fact you and I are going through these phases together FINY. It’s great having you to talk to.

Comment by Edmund Dantes

Seriously, AWWW….. I’ve never seen FINY so happy! Plus, the Twin is an upstanding young gentleman and is quite hot (I had the honor of being in their mutual presence a few nights ago).

FINY, care to elaborate on the fun of the dating ritual? Could this perhaps include a certain breed of text messages??

Comment by Melimiss

Yay for FINY. Stay evil doppelganger girl…=)

Comment by aurora

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Comment by Anonymous

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