Miles From Fenway

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August 20, 2005, 4:07 pm
Filed under: dating

“I love making you smile.”

Which of course, I did.

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Comment by aurora

Oh no! The cuteness is taking over. In another week, all baseball talk will be replaced by puppies and kittens.

Comment by Craig

And don’t forget flowers, chocolates, and sunsets too, CK.

Keep smilin’ Finy! Baseball fans can be made of sugar too.


Comment by Gimpy

That’s it, just for that I am writing a baseball post later tonight. :p

Thanks Aurora and Gimpy, YOU guys get it. Stupid boys …

Comment by FINY

Oh fine. I make one little joke and everybody’s all, “Stupid typical guy.” I see what you’re like. It’s just a girls club for girls around here. 🙂

Comment by Craig


Comment by BlackJack

See, CK, you’ve got beejer too! And JMD’s around here somewhere. Actually 80% of my friends are guys that’s why I need to gush in here LOL.

Of course I say this as I sit here waiting for the damn phone to ring since I haven’t spoken to the twin (other than some quick text messages and an email or two) since the night those words were uttered.

Perhaps I should just stop thinking about the whole damn thing altogether.

Comment by FINY

“That’s it, just for that I am writing a baseball post later tonight. “

hmmm… what followed this didn’t look like too much of a baseball post, but I guess you could argue in an existential way it does. 😀

Comment by Edmund Dantes

Sweet Comment!

Comment by Michael Leggett

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