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A Little Perspective
August 31, 2005, 2:11 pm
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There have been a lot of things I have wanted to post about lately and haven’t had the chance. My friend’s weekend visit, my first trip to Coney Island, losing Mark Bellhorn to the Yankees, seeing Bellhorn in a Yankee uniform for the first time last night, the crappy start to my day I’ve had.

But all we’re talking about around the office is Katrina. A former coworker of mine lives right outside of downtown NOLA and though he should have been back up in NYC for the start of classes, we haven’t heard from him, and don’t know if he and his family are ok. The pictures are horrifying. It put baseball, petty bickering, dating worries, and everything else into perspective.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those of you down South.


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Amen to that!!

Comment by Darren

It really does change one’s perspective. One of my sisters lives in Mobile and is so often (including this time) in the path of these storms, the other lives near Birmingham, AL and even that far inland has some flooding, trees down, no power, etc. We were fortunate that everything turned out ok for both of them, at least relative to so many others.

Comment by Craig

I have experienced hurricanes before and my hometown flooded and has yet to recover…but both of those experiences pale in comparison to what I am seeing on TV in regards to this storm. Even though I’ve seen the damage that can be done, I’m having a hard time really imagining what these poor guys are experiencing at the moment. It has really made me do a lot of thinking this week…

Comment by Itchy

We were really lucky here in Montgomery, AL, because the storm went so far west of us. I can’t begin to imagine what things are going to be like for those who lived along the LA, MS, or AL coasts in the coming months.

Comment by JMD

Yah, defintiely makes most normal worries seem piddly… I’m with you, my wishes go out.

Comment by Chief Slacker

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Comment by Anonymous

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