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Answers to come
September 4, 2005, 4:59 pm
Filed under: misc.

I am sure you are all off enjoying your Labor Day weekends and not even paying attention to the fact that I haven’t written yet, but I just wanted to let you know the answers to the Q&A below are coming I swear. It’s taking FOREVER! I’ve been working on it for two hours now and I’m not even close to done! But it will be up soon I promise.

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Wow, that was a surprisingly non-annoying spam message. I think I’ll leave that one up. Lol.

Comment by FINY


No worries about the Q&A and have fun with it. We are allowed to have the weekend away from the computer.

Comment by Ari

If I’ve spent the whole day away from my computer, and I’m totally addicted, then so can you!

Comment by Esther

I’ve spent the weekend, free of beer, coffee & Nicotine, causing me to relax, deeply. Trouble is, it causes me to almost fall asleep, most of the time.
Just enjoy the weekend.

Comment by Michael Leggett

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