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Murphy’s Law
September 15, 2005, 11:52 am
Filed under: college, misc.

Of course. I haven’t seen some of the people who will be at the NYC Chapter of the Emerson College Alumni Association Happy Hour event tonight in years. So I don’t know why I wasn’t expecting to be broken out like a freaking 15 year old.

Sure it could have something to do with the fact that I went out too often. Or that it’s that one week a month that my hormones go nuts. Or that I only slept last night for about three hours because I was trying to get some work done while also doing laundry to get ready for the weekend.

But I’m just going to chalk up the blemishes that dot my skin to Murphy’s Law, cause who wants to blame themselves?


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Don’t worry, we’re all laughing with you not at you. Well, maybe it’s a little of both, actually.

Comment by Craig

It’s so true! Definitely chalk it up to Murphy’s law. I don’t think lack of sleep has anything to do with it…

Comment by Esther

Stress. You *gasp* kinda put a little bit of stress on yourself, and it can lead to break outs. Not that this helps per se, but at least it can give you something to blame. 🙂

Comment by BlackJack

I know what you mean. It never fails that I will get one before any “important” event – and I never did as a teenager. Drink more water and relax…it will go away. 😀

Comment by Itchy

Somebody does definitely need to go back in time, fimd this Murphy guy, and kick his as sbefore he made that law ;O) Hope you have a fun time!

Comment by Chief Slacker

Hey CS, when you get your hands on that time machine, I suggest going to Edwards Airforce Base. He was there in 1947.

Comment by BlackJack

Eh, it all worked out fine in the end. Only person there who I knew well was my friend Rachel. Actually, check out the next post, I’ll write about it,

Comment by FINY

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Comment by Anonymous

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