Miles From Fenway

Welcome to the Weekend!
September 16, 2005, 11:22 am
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…. Oh wait, it’s only the weekend for me, huh? Oops, sorry! Off to Boston this weekend to see the Sox v. A’s game on Saturday, everyone pray for no rain! *Finy does a little no rain dance*.

Last night went pretty well. One friend of mine was there, and the Twin, being the all around good guy that he is, accompanied me as well. Once my friend left and there were NO other alumns that even looked familiar, the Twin and I basically sat and watched the Yankees game. This last week for the Sox has just not been pretty. Here’s to hoping that my presence at Saturday’s game spurs them on to victory. God knows we need it. 1.5 ahead of the Yanks? Yeah, I’m not Ok with that.

Ok well, gotta run. Have a fantastic weekend everyone and check back on Monday for a Live Baseball In September Game 2 post!



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I know you probably won’t see this until Monday, but I don’t get this sentence construction at all in light of the current standings. Unless you are trying to predict the future.

1.5 back from the Yanks? Yeah, I’m not Ok with that.

Comment by Edmund Dantes

Um, FINY, you realize we’re 1.5 games AHEAD of the Yankees, right? Such a CFB thing to do, not knowing the standings! Either that, or that was just rotten sentence construction, which should thoroughly embarass you given your line of work.

See, if you wanted nice responses, you REALLY shouldn’t have taunted us with the fact that your weekend has already started.

Comment by JMD

As much as I’m not up on the standings, even I know that the Sox are ahead of the Yankees. Shame on you Finy! (Just kidding – hope you have a great weekend.)

Comment by Esther

Enjoy Fenway.

I hate when teams with KNOWN ‘Roid Boys, are OVERLOOKED, for GRIEVOUS TRANSGRESSIONS, in the Name of Big Money, & TV Ratings.

Comment by Michael Leggett

Hey Michael,

Do you REALLY believe that nobody on the Red Sox has juiced? Man, living in a fool’s paradise can really mess you up.

Think ligament damage…and a player who’s been suffering from same…

Comment by The Bench Jockey

Sorry we missed each other on Saturday. I hope you have received your gift/mission.

Comment by Rebecca

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Comment by Anonymous

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Comment by Anonymous

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