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September 26, 2005, 4:59 am
Filed under: baseball, Boston

Full Update from the weekend to come tomorrow when I get home from work (since it’s 1am and I JUST got home) but can I just say that the Sox really should be giving me tickets to every single one of thier games? The two down in Baltimore this weekend were the last two of the regular season (and most likely beyond) that I’ll be attending, and I am now a perfect 10 – 0 when in attendance.

Hey Theo! Hook a girl up!!!!


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Congrats & Welcome Home!

Comment by Michael Leggett

Ooh, Lucky you! I’m far less fortunate; the Cards are 5-4 when I’m attending this year.

Comment by Julia

I bet that’s the first time that Theo has gotten a hook-up offer from a random, yet attractive member of RSN that has actually only been related to tickets. No pink hat for you! 🙂

Comment by JMD

Lucky charm

Comment by Macca

Clearly you should be going to more games. Just as I clearly should be out in the bleachers for more games. I’m 10-0 in the bleachers this year. Speaking of which, I’ll text you from there tonight as I watch the boys dismantle Toronto!

Comment by BlackJack

I bet you passed that sign, didn’t you?
*anxiously awaits update*

Comment by Rebecca

If the Sox don’t supply you with tickets and traveling expenses, maybe we should start a collection on your behalf! Anybody else wanna chip in?

Comment by Long Iron

Michael: Thanks, and don’t worry I promise I am not getting sick again.

Julia: Well, it’s still a winning record at least!

JMD: Oh, Theo is still my future husband, just at the moment, the Sox mean more to me 🙂

Beejer: If they drop the day game today I am blaming your boss for not allowing you to go to the makeup game from last night.

Macca: Yes I am. The Sox should have me sitting by their dugout at every game.

Reb: I actually DIDN’T pass the sign. A friend drove us. But I have the stickers with me at all times and I am pretty sure I am going to be in the area tonight. Will keep you updated.

Long Iron: THAT’S the idea! Maybe I should start a little collection around here LOL.

Comment by FINY

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