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The One Where I Don’t Blame Tony Graffanino
October 6, 2005, 11:54 am
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I haven’t looked at the Boston papers yet. Nor have I looked at the NY media. Or the Sox blogosphere. I’ve seen nothing because I’m afraid to see two words: Bill Buckner.

In the instant that the routine ground ball skirted through Tony Graffanino’s legs in the bottom of the fifth last night, those dreaded words were heard all over the bar. But just as Buckner can’t be blamed for losing that series (remember there was still one more game left) Graff can’t be blamed if the Sox lose this series. Nor can he be blamed even for last night’s loss.

The Sox had numerous occaisions to win that game last night. And you can point to most anyone on the team as contributing to the loss. Wells gave up the homer than put the White Sox ahead, Renteria grounding out to end the game even as he represented the tying run. No, this wasn’t Graffanino’s fault, it was the Red Sox fault.

So here’s to a day off, hopefully the Sox can gather themselves enough in this travel day to come back and win on Friday at Fenway. We’ve had our backs against the wall before. I still have faith.


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I just hope that the bleacher bums don’t boo Tony tomorrow night. I’d hope that people will remember that we probably wouldn’t be in the playoffs without him at 2B (his injury in Sep helped contribute to our offensive slide, although Cora certainly did his best), but it seems that gratitude only goes as far as Schilling when it comes to Boston fans sometimes.

Comment by JMD

It happens, all people make mistakes, its not like not one of us has ever screwed up in our jobs. I wish tony the best of luck in his recovery.

Comment by Ari

Absolutely right FINY. Let’s hope people realise what Graff did since coming over to Boston and leave him the hell alone. He deserves to be cheered for his efforts with the Sox. If we don’t make the WS this year it’s not because Graff let a ball through his legs, it’s because we simply don’t have a good enough team this year!!

Comment by welshman

Yeeeeeeaaarrgh. Nnnnngh. That game…. @*%&#@$*&$)*(@#&%^*!!!!!

Okay, not Graf’s fault. Not really Boomer’s, either.

But this stuff is really going to test my serenity.

Comment by Jack Roy

The Inevitable comparisons, by NY & Boston Newspapers, is annoying to say the least. I will NOT be listening to the skewered WFAN Jabber Jockeys. Graff at least, doubled, in an attempt to redeem himself.

& may we all gather at our places of Imbibery, in a Spirit of Friendship & the support of Our Carmine Hose.

Yankees’ “Fans” are mere braggarts, with primitive instincts, with no clue about being true students of the game.

Comment by Michael Leggett

i actually almost came to blows with my father in law (not a Sox fan) over this last night. Accidents happen, and it was only the fifth inning!! The whole Buckner thing sent me over the edge too, because hello? Just the fifth inning of game two! There was plently of time to come back!

I think I’m watching Friday’s game alone, or I’ll end up divorced. I’m keeping the faith 🙂

Comment by suzie

Nitpick: Graf would have been the tying run, Rent represented the winning run.

But in any case that was a team loss last night. Graf’s error was huge, but the offense just shut down after the 3rd inning and that’s no way to win ballgames.

Tough loss all the way around.

Comment by BlackJack

Way to back him up Finy. At least he never quit the rest of the game. He even put himself in scoring position to try and at least get the tying run in. Tomorrow will be a better day all around. Cheers!

Comment by Long Iron

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Comment by Anonymous

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