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A Drowned Rat
October 12, 2005, 1:25 pm
Filed under: NYC

For those of you not in the NYC area, it is monsooning today. And it’s cold. And Finy? Without an umbrella. It broke about two seconds after I left my apartment leaving me to run four blocks to the subway. I was drenched by the time I got there. And though I bought an umbrella at the deli two blocks from my office I had to walk a block to get there and really? By that time? It was too late. I actually just went into the bathroom and dried my hair with paper towels because it was dripping and then proceeded to take off my jeans in order to wring them out. I still feel like I took a shower with my clothes on.

I never should have come into work today.


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*Beej hands finy some hot cocoa*

Might I suggest a rain coat? Granted not as chic as an umbrella, but it has 100% less chance of being destroyed in a strong wind.

Comment by BlackJack

Oh I had a rain coat on, but it doesn’t have a hood. So basically, my hair is still dripping and from about halfway down my thighs, all the way to my ankles is still sopping wet. I am cold and NOT HAPPY. grrrr.

Comment by FINY

I’m sorry, that sucks. Funny, I just posted about something rain-related too.

Comment by Esther

Its raining here too (shocker!) I got caught in it as well. Rain sucks.

Comment by Meredith

All This Rain, with CONSTANT GREY SKIES, can cause for Mild Depression.

The Rain was due, for the reservoirs, but IT SUCKS.

Comment by Michael Leggett

My jackass didn’t even wear a coat, though my umbrella held up. My shirt was OK, but my pants were like I waded waist deep into the Hudson. The worst part was that the halfwits at my building hadn’t turned off the AC, so my chances of developing pneumonia at some point are very, very solid. Looking forward to it.

Comment by BS Memorial

It’s kind of funny since I left New York all I have had is bright beautiful sunny days here in London. The temperature was in the mid 20’s (Celsius) the entire time I’ve been here. Now that I’m leaving on Saturday the weather is finally starting to turn back towards normal London weather.

I guess I took all the good weather with me when I left because it seems like everytime I’ve talked with people back stateside in the Northeast it’s been raining.

Comment by Edmund Dantes

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