Miles From Fenway

A Letter From My Creative Self
October 12, 2005, 1:02 am
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Hey Finy, over here! No, not that way, over HERE.

There, Hi, remember me? That short story collection idea you’ve had ruminating for five years now? The one you chickened out on while deciding what direction to go in while writing your senior thesis? Remember that? Yeah, I’m still here, bitch. Now take me out for a spin.

See, I’m getting pretty damned bored back here. I keep pointing out things that would work. Those postcards you keep picking up and stashing away in a drawer? I wanted to USE them damnit. I mean you’ve made me some nice accommodations back here. It’s a little dusty, but that image of the Brooklyn bridge you hung on the wall was a nice touch, and I loved the cushions stuffed with fuzzy sentence beginnings, but seriously, it’s time to stop decorating.

I’ve gained a ton of weight. I’m growing fat on excuses and junk food. I got lazy for a while. But I’m sick of it. Honestly. You and I used to work as a team. We used to sit on the banks of the Charles alone save for a pencil and that tacky notebook you insisted on writing in.

I know you’re scared but fuck it! You don’t like what I give you? Fine, don’t show it to anyone. But don’t just leave me alone back here with the rest of the unfinished goals you’ve set for yourself. That ass that keeps singing the national anthem over and over again is getting fucking annoying let me tell you.

That’s right, get mad at me. Get pissed! Punch me! Whip me back into shape. Do SOMETHING. Because I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to keep tapping on the base of your subconscious until you just want to scream. Everyone else back here is content to only appear to you in dreams. The marathoner’s been running in place for years! I’m not going to be like that, man, I’m not going to sit here and let you just go about boozing it up and just talking about me. I can hear you you know. I can hear you TALKING about me, THINKING about me, but not actually doing a damn thing about it.

Get up off your lazy ass, bitch. We’ve got work to do.

Annoyingly yours,
The Idea


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Yours is not the only idea that’s restless. Mine has been noticing that I’ve been blogging for close to a year with the only creative efforts being of the draft variety, typically with a line that says ‘come back to this’ at the end. I’d like to do a creativity challenge with you, if you’re so inclined. I’m thinking something along the lines of one actual story per month until the end of the year. Not that we’d need to share them, I know you won’t fib about whether you’ve been writing.

Comment by BlackJack

I haven’t had much time to write since I started law school. But lately, it’s killing me. This weekend I went back to old stories and revised them. I should have been coming up with paper topics for the two papers I have to write in the very near future. And I came up with a possible way to “fix” my novel. I dream of getting it published. Anyway, the long and short of it is that I know how you feel.

Comment by Anonymous

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