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A Hangover That’s Worth It For Once
October 15, 2005, 7:48 pm
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Most days that I wake up with a hangover all I can think is, was last night’s fun really worth how crappy I feel right now?

Today is NOT one of those days. Sure my head hurts, sure my body feels like I’ve been dragged under a bus for a couple hundred blocks, but hot DAMN was it worth it.

Did you ever have one of those professors or administrators in college that you’d just LOVE to sit down and get shitty drunk with? That you’d just kill to get stories out of? Cultural Guy was mine. The head of the Cultural Center at Emerson (while I was there, he no longer works for the school) he advised the Orientation Staff that I served on during the summer between my sophomore and junior years. For three months the staff lived and worked together and our advisors were with us almost constantly while we were working. We got to know each other very well obviously, and Cultural Guy was always there with an interesting story and helpful hangover relief tips. As much as we loved his stories, all we wanted in the world was to get this guy to a bar, get him shitty, and listen to stories about his time in the Army, his experiences at Emerson, etc etc etc.

Of course, that was a big administrative no no. Especially since 4 of the 6 of us were underage. But last night, as I sat at The Lighthouse Tavern on Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn, in walks – you guessed it – CULTURAL GUY!!! After a good hour of us doing the whole, “I can’t believe it’s you” routine we settled in for some serious drinking. And hours later, Meegan and I (both pretty drunk ourselves) had to walk Cultural Guy back to his sister’s apartment and actually use his keys for him because he had too many Jack on the Rocks in him. It was freaking classic, and I loved every second of it.

So yeah, the hangover this morning? SO worth it!


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Tee hee!!!


Comment by Meegan

You should of used chaser for your hangover! It works for me. Check it out

Comment by Anonymous

You NEVER KNOW who’ll walk through those doors, NEXT.

Comment by Michael Leggett

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