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Welcome Home, Tessie
October 17, 2005, 11:32 am
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Well, I finally did it, after a month and a half of talkng about it, I am the proud Momma to a 9 week old kitten named Tessie. She is, by far, the cutest kitten ever (of course, I am not biased at ALL!). I took an entire roll of film of her yesterday, her first day in her new home. I’m going to drop it off on my way to work today and post the pics as soon as I get them back. But for now she is around three pounds, all black except for two small patches of white on her two back paws and is currently obsessed with my laptop (it’s taking me FOREVER to write this!).

I had no idea it was possible to love something this much and I’ve only had her for less than 24 hours!!!


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Congrats on the new kitty! Can’t wait to see the pix. I’m a huuuuge animal lover.

We adopted a puppy 10 years ago and only 3 days after we adopted him he was diagnosed with a severe case of Parvo…the vet suggested I take him back to the pound to get a new puppy. How dare he! I mean…I’d already had him 3 days. I was in love man. So, close to $400 later he was good as new. 😀 So, I can toooootally relate to the 24 hour love thing. It usually only takes me 1 second of seeing their little faces. 😀

Comment by Itchy

Congrats on the new pet. Good luck, and just remember they bring you something that no one else in the world can, unconditional love.

Comment by Ari

awwwwwwww! I can’t wait to meet her – maybe this means I’ll actually get out to your apartment :-).

Comment by Esther

The new kitten acquisition made me nostalgic for when Max was little, so I had to post some pictures over on my blog. I can’t wait to see Tessie!

Comment by BlackJack

Congrats FINY! Ahhh kittens: they are fun pets and tasty too! 😉

Comment by Macca

You got a good one! She is a doll. Did she sleep with you last night?

Comment by Meegan

Congrats on your new kitty. If you think this is love, wait til you have a little one. Baby that is. I know all of the stories about dirty diapers, up all night, and body changes are scary, but honestly those are just minor gripes compared to the love for a child. But I’m jumping ahead here. One step at a time. My bad.

Macca-don’t even act like you eat cats because you’ve got two loved kitties at home, don’t you??

Comment by april

I love Kittens/so sweet & cuddly!

Comment by Michael Leggett

Tessie/The Fight song of “The Royal Rooters.”

Nice name for a Kitten!

Comment by Michael Leggett

She will never leave your laptop alone. Accept this now. Just… accept it now.

Outside of that, and the incessant need to knock everything off of every shelf in your house, kittens are awesome.

Comment by Maine

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