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Yet Another Reason I Hate Sports Writers
October 29, 2005, 9:10 pm
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Seriously, I could probably post all day about the ridiculous stuff that is printed in various sports sections around the country, but I’d just like to point this one out because of the following:

Graffanino, acquired midway through the 2005 season from Kansas City, was an upgrade at second base for the Red Sox, but had a damaging error during Boston’s playoff series loss to Chicago.

I don’t even really need to write a rebuttal since I already did here , but holy lord the man worked his ass off from the minute he got to the team, he hit a double after that error, and do you really think we would have fared as well with Bellhorn at second? (Bellhorn, my love, I’m sorry but you know it’s true!).

Anyway, just needed to vent/share/procrastinate from cleaning my room.


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See…I hated Bellhorn..but I think it’s because he looked so freakin’ stupid all the time. Graffanino played a great season..who CARES about that one era…Johnny does it all the time. Jeez. Maybe if everyone played better than we would have won….God that makes me pissy.

Comment by Amy

It’s what comes from only watching the ESPN highlights and wondering what the other cool kids are going to think happened. Grr.

(Although, and just playing devil’s advocate, maybe Alex Cora? In terms of late-season and post-season fielding… damn. The man was good.)

But if as you say you truly hate sports journalists, here’s the gold-standard litmus test: Do you forgive (and maybe secretly rejoice) Randy Johnson for shoving one of them?

Comment by Jack Roy

Amy, I didn’t love Bellhorn this year. What I loved was 2004 Bellhorn. He just had a great year, despite the strikeouts. I really do wish him all the best wherever he is.

Jack Roy, I think most of the problems I have with sportswriters comes from that kind of pack mentality you described. (and while I really like Alex Cora I don’t think he had the skills to be an everyday player) I still don’t condone Johnson’s or Roger’s physically assaulting members of the media. The best way to get to these guys is not through violence, which only gives them more ammunition, but to somehow logically refute them. Unfortunately, if you’re not a nationally syndicated columnist, that is a bit tough to do. so instead I just vent here 🙂

Comment by FINY

That’s where we differ, I guess. I think Manny should have a legally sufficient defense if he beats Dan Shaugnessy to unconsciousness with a bat.

Comment by Jack Roy

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