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There Are No Words – At Least Not Yet
November 1, 2005, 12:06 am
Filed under: baseball, Boston

When Pedro left, I knew why. When Nomar left, I knew it was time. But this? I can’t handle it. Not yet. I feel pathetic for being so upset, but I am. I have a LOT of thoughts, but am in no way ready to get them down yet.

We’ll miss you Theo. Thanks.


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I have no idea what’s going on but I’m sorry!

Comment by Meegan

I keep wanting to write something about it – but I just can’t. This sucks.

Comment by BlackJack

Shocking, its the only thing i can say.

Comment by Ari

you really think this is on a scale with Pedro and Nomar, guys who had been with the Sox forever?

The one thing Theo showed us is, you can’t be sentimental about these things (like not bringing in a defensive replacement for Buckner ’cause you want him to be on the field to celebrate when the sox win, or not saving $40 million by releasing your aging shooting guard ’cause your owner has a good relationship with him).

so we shouldn’t be sentimental about theo. he’ll be fine.

Comment by Derek

I’m not worried about Theo, I’m worried about the Sox. This is indicative of a MUCH bigger problem and now, instead of having Thoe around to help lure players to Boston to fill the gapping holes in our lineup, we need to focus on finding a suitable replacement GM. Like I said, I have a TON to say about this, I just need to get it all out. Might take a while.

Comment by FINY

I agree Finy….and I can’t write about it at all…if I dont’ write about isn’t true.

Comment by Amy

Larry Lucchino is an asshat CONTROL FREAK.

Comment by Michael Leggett

Or, as my wife who knows nothing about baseball put it…

“Who is that guy? He looks young.”

“Oh, he’s the guy that put together the World Series team? Weren’t they looking for a guy who could do that for like… 100 years? Why let him go?”

“Well… then I guess they were just happier when they were losing. Either that or they couldn’t stand to see their fans happy. What do you want for dinner?”

Comment by Maine

/hugs chica

this too shall pass ;O)

Comment by Chief Slacker

I think you too would leave if you never got the keys to the car. The warning signs to this were loud and clear, I just didnt think Theo would actually give up his dream job.

Comment by Darren

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