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A Question of Semantics
November 4, 2005, 3:27 am
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Imagine if you will, my mother, a regular reader of this blog, signs on to the site and reads the post directly preceding this one. She thinks it’s adorable, and so sweet that I would write something about her marriage to my father (she’d also like me to note that I told the story wrong. My father broke up with her not the other way around. She just knew he’d come back cause he hadn’t realized yet how he couldn’t live without her).

So as she normally does when she sees a post she likes, she drags my father in to read it. Dad doesn’t seem to read the blog on a daily basis but is an occasional reader and always reads when my Mom tells him too (see 25+ years of marriage, she’s got him trained pretty well 🙂 ).

But as he scrolls down he sees the post about “The One”. And to my horror, focuses not on my melodramatic “how do you know” conundrum, but on a single term I used. “Fuck Friends”.

So in answer to your inevitable questions, yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is ACTUALLY my father’s comment on that post. And no, I don’t think he will EVER be meeting The Twin.

Love you Dad!


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If my dad ever posted anything with the fuck, I think I’d have a heart attack right then and there.

Comment by Esther

I’ve never even heard my Dad say fuck. I’ve heard a long extended ffffffff then the realization that his girls were nearby and he stopped short. 😀

And if my Dad thought/knew I had fuck buddies – he’d kick all of our asses. He still likes to think that I don’t have sex with my hubby – he’s that kind of dad! 😀

Comment by Itchy

Esther: Trust me, I DID have a heart attack. At first I was REALLY hoping it was one of my friends just screwing with me. A quick call home left me without any illusions unfortunately.

Itchy: Oh, my dad is one of those “pretending it doesn’t happen” dad’s too. He’s asked my mother about how she can read all this stuff about me and she says she just pretends it’s someone else. Apparently he’s taken on that opinion now too.

I still think it’s cool he commented. I love the fact that my family is this close. But yeah, The Twin isn’t coming to RI anytime soon.

Comment by FINY

It takes a very strong, strong man to be able to think of his daughter and to use the words “fuck buddies” in that context. I can’t wait to have that much personal resolve and confidence in my kid.

Personally, I throw up in my outh just a little every time I think of the fact that, someday, some other man will be seeing my daughter’s vagina. And he won’t be there to clean it after she pees on herself. Your dad is a giant among men.

Comment by Maine

And Maine’s only been a father for two weeks everyone! (by the way go check out his site and look at the pic. SO cute! Congrats again!).

And I already knew my dad was a “giant among men” now the whole internet can know. Though I doubt this is what he’d want to be know for LOL.

Comment by FINY

Oh my gawd, I am laughing so hard. Your dad is hilarious.

Comment by Meegan

Wow. I’m impressed that you are alive and still blogging after this. When I got an email from my mother inquiring about my blog I stopped about 5 seconds from hitting the delete blog button, and I don’t have anything remotely resembling that on my site.

Comment by Craig

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Comment by Anonymous

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