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Rudy’s, Roommates, and Runners
November 4, 2005, 10:17 pm
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Not going to lie that was a tough week to get through. That’s why I’m looking forward to this weekend so much. Check back Monday for an update on:

Rudy’s: This evening I’ll finally get to see a college friend of mine I haven’t seen since the day we graduated. He was literally a part of my life every day of my senior year and then I had to go cold turkey? NOT COOL. Since he works in midtown we’ve decided to class it up and go to the diviest dive bar we could think of: Rudy’s of course.

Roommates: Well a former one anyway. Missy is coming to visit tomorrow!!! And she’ll be staying with me so that on Sunday we can watch …

Runners: The NYC marathon runs straight past my apartment. We’re getting a group of us together, going to make some brunch and cheer on Derek and the thousands of other marathoners.

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend.


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FINY: I’ll be at the marathon too. I’ll be in Manhattan at the 59th Street cheering on our friend Ruth as she runs the course. I’ll be with other Red Sox/Phebe’s friends.Good luck to your pal Derek!

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Enjoyed a lot! » » »

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Keep up the good work »

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