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My Liberal Pie Hole
November 11, 2005, 2:37 pm
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Ok, everyone needs to go check this out. Some of you may recognize Lizy as a commenter around here. According to Meegan, Lizy is the “blonde version” of me (no not as is, she’s a ditz, as in she actually has blonde hair). Many of us in this crazy little blogging world have been anxiously awaiting Lizy’s progression from commenter to blogger and she’s finally done it, so go check out her new site:

My Liberal Pie Hole

Welcome to the blogging world, Lizy. You’ll be a full on addict in no time!


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Thanks for the link! I am proud of her.
: )
And yeah, I really want to two of you to meet. It’s truly weird how similar you are — but that’s why I love the both of you!

Comment by Meegan

Honey, you are the brown haired version of ME! Not the other way around. Remember, I met Meegan first. Don’t make me get all territorial and pee on her leg to mark her as β€œmy” friend. Her cats may not like that. πŸ˜‰

Thanks for the shout out, sweetie! My little fledgling blog site needs all the help it can get!

Comment by lizy

True, plus, you know, you’re older than me πŸ˜‰ Though I could TOTALLY get to her first to pee on her leg. I think the cats win out on both of us though! LOL.

And your blog is going to be just fine. Your first post and you’ve already got more comments on there than I get on most of my posts. I think you’re doing ok!

Comment by FINY

Only because of all the support.

Thanks again, chicka.

Comment by lizy

Hey we gotta stick together! I mean if we really are as similar as Meegan claims can you IMAGINE what we could accomplish if we banded together? Perhaps it’s a good thing we’re on separate coasts, I doubt one would be able to handle us πŸ™‚

Comment by FINY

Please don’t pee on my leg.

Comment by Meegan

it is always about you, isn’t it?


Comment by lizy

Excellent, love it! film editing classes

Comment by Anonymous

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