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Alarm Clock Help
November 15, 2005, 5:48 pm
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Ok Folks, the time has come. I HAVE to get a new alarm clock. The current one I have is just a simple, no frills, only buzzes, cheapo thing. Problem is I think I have become immune to it. I can’t tell you the number of times I have hit snooze too many times, not realized it, and woken up minutes before needing to leave for work. And I should note that the clock is on the other side of my room.

Today was the final straw. Apparently I hit snooze too many times, it turned off, and at 9:15 I awoke in a panic. I didn’t get into the office 10:45. It is clearly time for a new, more effective, alarm clock. Anyone have any suggestions?


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get one with a radio and turn it up V loud. Get a second one and set it for the latest time you can get up and get to work on time. That way you have a back-up in case you oversleep.

Comment by WelshSoxFan

Welsh took my suggestion, but you don’t have to get 2. You can buy the one that you can set 2 different alarm times. That’s what I have because my husband and I get up at different times.

Comment by april

I have this alarm clock that gets louder and louder the longer it stays on. Its very aggrivating. when i get back home I will definatly let you know what it is, it also has three sep alamrs in 1, a nature 1 (Which makes people want to go pee) if you put it on ocean, a radio one and the “fire Drill one” which beep’s louder and louder the longer its on

Comment by Ari

The problem is not the alarm clock.

The problem is that you don’t want to get up.

I have a two-fold solution.

1. Go to bed earlier. It is likely that you simply aren’t getting enough sleep.

2. Stop using the snooze button all together. No longer even consider it an option. This isn’t easy because it’s a behavioral change.

You’re already getting out of bed, hitting snooze and then going back. A louder/more obnoxious/harder to snooze/whatever alarm clock is not going to solve the problem. It’s just going to cost you money.

Comment by BlackJack

One word…clocky!

Comment by KL

I have an alarmclock where you can set two alarms. I believe it is called a “repeat alarm”.

I also set my cellphone alarm as a backup.

When I hit snooze my clock radio is on and it’s on a news station that tells me what time it is like, every 2 minutes, so I sleep and listen at the same time and know when to finally get out of bed.

Then I shoot up some smack and take a shower.

Comment by Macca

I was going to suggest what Ari said. My alarm has 2 times you can set, and beeping and radio. But the beeping gets progressively louder until you want to smash the damn thing. I have no trouble getting up and have it set on the radio, but every once in a while it gets knocked to that buzzer and it’s seriously a RUDE awakening.

And I got it at National Wholesale Liquidators for less than $10.

Comment by Esther

Welsh yeah I was thinking of getting one with a radio …

April 2 alarms on one clock is probably the best route, and then I can set my old one as a back up and my cell as a back up back up?

Ari I need radio or fire drill anything else I just end up incorporating into my dream and sleeping through.

Beejer so much easier said than done and you know it. How many people do you know who actually get enough sleep. of course I am not getting enough sleep! But going to sleep earlier when you’re on deadline isn’t exactly an option.

nacho OMG that thing is awesome.

macca smack! THAT’S why I’m not getting up in the morning, I am totally skipping that step!

esther You have no problem getting up in the morning. I am SERIOUSLY jealous!

Comment by FINY

Never said it would be easy finy – just that I had a solution. :p

Comment by BlackJack

Don’t be jealous. Remember that I don’t actually sleep through the night! Oh to be such a deep sleeper that I didn’t wake up on my own accord…

Comment by Esther


Try setting your internal clock like Kramer did on Seinfeld. Just think hard about the time you have to get up and make a “POP” sound with your mouth.

Hey, it’s worth a shot right? At the very least you’ll make yourself laugh.

Comment by Alex

Move to a new apartment where your upstairs neighbors either

1) have frantic sex
2) rearrange bedroom furniture
3) start a rigorous workout in high heals/clogs

at 6:30 every morning (I can’t quite tell which one it is yet).

Comment by ry

Get a dog! (or two…) If you get them set in a routine…they won’t let you sleep in. 😀 Mine are normally whining to be let out before my alarm even goes off…

Comment by Itchy


Comment by --

Some guy at MIT invente and alarm clock with wheels. Before it goes off, it rolls itself to some roandom location in the room. That way when it goes off you have to wake up by hunting for it before you turn it off! heh. I have the same prob, get up, turn it off, go to sleep. If the alarm clock is near the bed I turn it off and never remeber hearing it.imtyx

Comment by Chief Slacker

A buddy of mine had a similar problem, so he took a drastic measure. He bought one of those burglar alarms to wake himself up to. He sprung it on me one day, and I nearly jumped out of my socks when he did it. Then he told me even that alarm was having trouble getting him up….

Comment by BklynSoxFan

I say hire a male prostitute and of course, set your wake up call a little early to allow for…

Comment by amhessio

The Palm PDA has a piecing alarm; hey, it worked for me.

Comment by Michael Leggett

Maybe you could get this air sack from Japan:

If you’re into extreme sleeping and don’t want to lose your job for showing up late every day, you may just find the ¥98,000 ($800) air sack alarm to be a worthwhile purchase. The device uses a compressor, hose and inflatable cushion to make your bed so uncomfortable that you won’t have any choice but to get up. Once the alarm is triggered, the cushion inflates and deflates at seven-second intervals.

Comment by Derek

I like The Palm PDA as alarm clock; it also operated as a mobile computer befor I got my iMac. The alarm is Quite-Good.

Comment by Michael Leggett

Wow, I just deleted the longest blog spam ever!

Comment by FINY

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