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Only The Red Head
December 12, 2005, 10:10 pm
Filed under: friends

I get a call this afternoon on my work phone:

ME: Good afternoon this is Finy
The Red Head: Good afternoon Finy.
ME: Oh my God, Hi! How are you?
The Red Head: Doing ok, how you doin’.
ME: Ok, ok. What’s up?
The Red Head: So let me ask you something … where are your offices?
ME: 26th and Madi … wait, why?
The Red Head: Cause I am standing on 50th and Park and want to steal you away from work to get a coffee.

Of course a coffee turned into a beer at a bar nearby, as tends to happen with The Red Head, but good Lord was that the best surprise ever. I finally got to give him that hug I had wanted to for so long and to just sit there with him for an hour. And as he left all I kept thinking was, only the red head could just show up at my door like that. It’s good to know some things never change.


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That’s great that you got to see him. I hope he’s doing ok, and that maybe, hopefully, you had some heat in your apartment tonight.

Comment by Esther

That’s great. I’m glad to hear that.

Comment by Meegan

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Comment by Anonymous

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