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Here We Go Again
December 19, 2005, 10:13 pm
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Two bus lines in Queens have already had workers go out on strike, and tonight is the supposed “official” deadline for the subway workers and bus operators of NYC.

But how seriously are we supposed to take this now? One deadline has already passed and the two bus lines that went on strike have been without a contract for 3 years, are exempt from the Taylor Law because technically they are still private workers, and only interupted thousands, not millions of commuters. Those poor people were clearly the sacrificial lambs.

So tonight, I have no contingency plan, other than the use of my two feet. Hell for the first few days it might even be interesting. It’ll be a “story” to tell my kids. For the first time ever I’d be able to use the whole “I walked in the cold, uphill BOTH WAYS” due to the Manhattan Bridge protion of my walk.

But that’s if this actually happens. I don’t think it will.

Then again, if it does, I am going to be sticking some very cold feet in my mouth tomorrow.

Edit: it is now 11:05. I just finished watching a statement by the MTA spokesperson Tom Kelly in which he said that the MTA had put a final proposal on the table, that the TWu had rejected the offer, and that they then promptly left the building and went back to the Union Hall. Shit. I wonder how many layers I can fit underneath my jacket. Pretty glad I kept my old LL Bean ski jacket around right about now. Who cares that I haven’t used it in years. Could come in VERY handy tomorrow. Shit.

Edit again: time is now 12:24. Still no word. My buddy Derek (who is a reporter for the Daily News) posted this thison his blog.


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Almost everyone who claims to know someone at MTA or the unions are saying that the union is bluffing. They can’t afford to risk going bankrupt over this and the workers can’t afford the loss of money and possibly losing their jobs. I would guess we’ll all be riding tomorrow.

At least, I hope so …….

Comment by WelshSoxFan

I remember when I used to live in Montreal, it appeared that everytime the public transit system operators went on strike, it was the dead of winter. Why in the world would anybody negotiating a contract with transit operators give them this kind of leverage. It is just playing into their hands at a very bad time of the year.

Bundle up if you do have to walk in this weather!

Comment by Long Iron

i claim vindication! glad someone believed what i had to say…

Comment by Derek

I was able to get around as it was the Green Bus Company as 1 of 2 bus operators still working. They’re under a seperate union. It could connect me to LIRR, which I could take to Penn Station then walk over to PATH to take me downtown to Lower Manhattan. It was an option, but was assigned to duty in my borough of Queens, linked by Green Bus.

Comment by Michael Leggett

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